September – The Prime Time for Event Planners to Jumpstart Their Holiday Preparations

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September is here, and while many of us are relishing the final moments of summer, for event planners, this month marks the beginning of the holiday party planning frenzy. With the return of in-person events – grander than ever before – September is rapidly becoming the cornerstone month for all things festive and merry. We’ve put together a list of great ways to start now on getting ready for holiday event bookings.

1. In-Person Events: The Grand Return

Gone are the days when in-person gatherings were a luxury. Today, they’re not just back but bigger and more ambitious. Understanding the magnitude of today’s events, planners can’t leave things for the eleventh hour. The logistics, the aesthetics, the agenda – every detail requires meticulous attention. This is precisely why forward-thinking planners are commencing their preparation journeys in September.

2. The Early Bird Catches the Best Venue

With the holiday season lurking just around the corner, the procrastination game doesn’t work anymore. Event planners are taking the leap now for holiday preperations. They no longer wait for the last-minute rush; instead, they plan each aspect of their holiday parties months in advance.

3. Time to Shine: Market Your Space Now!

For property owners, September is your golden ticket. Whether you have an intimate setting perfect for a cozy dinner for ten or a sprawling space fit for a grand party of 300, now’s the moment to flaunt it. Put your property on the radar of those eager planners looking for the ideal venue.

4. Show, Tell, Engage!

As you market your space, remember – showcasing is key. Ensure you have high-resolution photos capturing the essence of your venue. Simplicity is the name of the game for event planners on the holiday hunt, so having a lead form on your website can be a game-changer. Also, it’s not just about attracting new clients but retaining old ones. A robust CRM system can be your ally, aiding in proactive outreach to potential prospects and cherished past customers.

5. Tripleseat Hotels: Your All-in-One Solution

Speaking of simplifying the event planning process, Tripleseat Hotels offers a comprehensive solution tailored for on-site events and group business. From effortlessly generating leads and establishing seamless client communication to drafting detailed BEOs, the platform is your one-stop solution for holiday party preparations.

September is not just about the return of pumpkin-spiced lattes; it’s the kick-off of the festive season for event planners. So, whether you’re a sales manager or a property owner, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and dive into the holiday prep! Let the Tripleseat Hotels team show you how our platform can simplify this time of year – request a demo today!

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