The Most-Read Blog Posts for Event Professionals Published in 2019


This year, the Tripleseat blog published almost 200 blog posts on topics ranging from product updates to new partnerships to tips for event managers.

Here are the top 10 posts published in 2019 that got the most views from Tripleseat blog readers:

1. How Tripleseat Helped One Restaurant Group Increase Sales by 35 Percent

Our video interview with Taylor Duncan, Director of Sales for Whiskey Cake Holdings, got the most attention this year. Whiskey Cake Holdings operates 10 venues across three states and includes the Whiskey Cake Kitchen & BarSixty Vines, and Ida Claire restaurant concepts. With 25 private events per month per venue, there’s a lot to keep track of among their events teams.

Duncan spoke about how Tripleseat helps streamline event management for Whiskey Cake Holdings, enables them to create reports, and brings multiple departments together across the company. Thanks to Tripleseat, Whiskey Cake’s event sales were up by 35 percent.

2. Tripleseat and Tock Partner to Provide Enhanced Hospitality Tools for Private Event Managers

Tripleseat partnered with 14 companies in 2019, and our blog post announcing our partnership with Tock was of huge interest to our readers. Tock, the most innovative global reservations platform for restaurants, wineries, and events, and Tripleseat has an integration with their reservation and private event management systems. The integration enables common customers to collect private event leads directly from Tock and seamlessly transfer those leads onto Tripleseat’s platform, significantly reducing response times, improving conversion rates, and increasing revenue while also streamlining communication.

3. 10 Tripleseat Features You Should Use to Boost Event Bookings in the New Year

Our list of these 10 Tripleseat features helped event managers kick off 2019 and set them up for success. It’s worth your time to check out the post again and use it to make sure your account is ready for event management and driving new event revenue in 2020.

4. Let’s Talk About Bookings Versus Events

This post helped to clear up the definition and elements of bookings and events in your Tripleseat account. Tripleseat allows you the flexibility to start a booking or and event at either the booking level or the event level. If you are a venue that does single events like a dinner, then use events in Tripleseat (in the background we automatically create the booking for you). If you are a venue that does bookings with multiple events, it is faster and easier to add all those events with bookings. At the end of the day, an event cannot exist without a booking.

5. 3 Changes You Can Make to Event Documents with Tripleseat’s New PDF Converter

We released more than 400 updates to Tripleseat in 2019, and this one was a big one for our customers. Our new PDF converter allowed all Tripleseat customers more flexibility for creating and customizing documents. This blog post outlines the three changes this update makes to the way you use documents in Tripleseat.

6. Tripleseat Partners with TripAdvisor to Help Restaurants Increase Sales

Our partnership with TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, gives Tripleseat customers a huge advantage in increasing their sales. By teaming up with TripAdvisor, Tripleseat customers have an opportunity to enhance their venue’s visibility and drive traffic to their TripAdvisor listings using TripAdvisor Ads and TripAdvisor Premium, which will now be offered at a preferred rate. Find out more about the benefits of this partnership by reading the full blog post.

7. 9 Questions for Tripleseat’s CEO and Founder Jonathan Morse

Tripleseat’s CEO and Founder Jonathan Morse opened up about how he founded the company, Tripleseat’s first customer, company growth, the Tripleseat team, and more in this Q&A blog post.

8. Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Event Bookings in Tripleseat

This year, we added some multi-event booking features to make it easier to manage groups that are with you for several events over a span of multiple days. This blog post shares our webinar and video tutorials on how to use these new features.

9. Boost Your Events Business with Tripleseat Plus These Partners

Tripleseat partners with the best companies to give you the ability to operate seamlessly within Tripleseat to access your most-used daily tools without leaving our site. If you haven’t yet connected your Tripleseat account with our partners and integrations, this blog post provides a look at what’s available.

10. EventCamp 2019: How Relationships, Marketing, Reports, and More Can Grow Event Bookings

If you missed EventCamp 2019 in Nashville, our wrapup post captured the one topic that kept coming up throughout this year’s annual conference: the importance of maintaining relationships. Catch up on EventCamp 2019 sessions by viewing our video playlist on Vimeo watch them below.


Did you miss any of these top posts?

There’s plenty of time to get caught up on these posts and use the information to get your events business ready for 2019. Don’t forget to log in and get familiar with all of the new features released in 2018. If you’re not yet a Tripleseat customer, try us out! Schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look.

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