Problems Multi-Location Venues Face — and How to Solve Them


Managing and growing an events program at a single venue is one thing — doing so at multiple locations simultaneously (and successfully) is quite another. But whether you’re a one-spot venue or a hospitality group with dozens of outposts, event management software like Tripleseat can make your life easier.

Tripleseat can save you time and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. With that in mind, we’ve pinpointed a few common problems multi-location event spaces face, and how they can be effectively solved.

Problem: Communication across venues

Weekly staff meetings or company-wide emails are great ways to keep everyone on top of things at your venue. But when you’re managing multiple venues, it can be hard to maintain solid communication and get in quality face time with everyone on a consistent basis. This can lead to misunderstandings, crossed wires, inefficiency, and lost time.

Solution: Keep event info in one easy-to-access place

Having a one-stop-shop for managing events makes it easier to keep all of your team members on the same page and in the loop on the latest details. Instead of having to manually disperse relevant information across different management teams via email, platforms like Tripleseat allow anyone involved with events to log onto the system and immediately access the most up-to-date event info.

Problem: Juggling the volume of events

When you’ve got more than one venue doing private events, your calendars can fill up quickly, especially in busier months (like wedding season and the holidays). But if customer service and lead responses slow down during this time, it can hurt your chances of getting the event confirmed — and having those potential guests rebook down the line.

Solution: Get software with time-saving automation

With a cloud-based software solution, you can keep your internal processes the same across all of your venue concepts. And by creating customizable document templates for each location, event managers can easily fill in and book events in case another event manager is out of town or leaves the company. Plus, if your location is booked, you’re able to easily check availability at other locations to potentially book the event elsewhere.

Problem: Staying organized when you manage events at multiple venues

As if events weren’t involved enough (with menus, contracts, proposals, order forms, and the like), having to manage multiple venues can make acute attention to detail crucial to event success. But when you’re juggling several simultaneous soirees, it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks, no matter how on top of things you and your staff are trying to be.

Solution: Say goodbye to BEO binders and hello to auto-synced event details

Tripleseat’s reporting features allow your management team visibility into what’s going on at each venue location, as well as the company as a whole, without having to check a bunch of different places or merge everything together. Tripleseat’s easy-to-navigate software makes it easy to store all event info in the same place, and easily pull it back up to reference later. Plus, we’ll crunch the numbers for you, so you can ensure customers that their contract, proposal, and payment information are not only accurate but safe and secure as well.

Problem: Consistency in messaging

When your company umbrella includes different venues with different concepts, it can be arduous trying to maintain a consistent message across all of them — but it’s key to running an efficient and organized business that looks professional. So, how do you keep each venue on brand without having to reinvent the wheel for every document created?

Solution: Document templates that’ll show clients your professionalism

You want your guest to know that if they book an event with your restaurant or hospitality group, they’re going to have the same great customer service experience throughout the booking process, so they’ll continue to come back to your different concepts. Tripleseat’s customizable templates let you maintain the same minimalist, professional look across all of your documents, with options to add specific logos or event options depending on which space you’re representing.

Tripleseat makes booking and event management easy

Tripleseat has all the features you need to generate event inquiries, manage your events, communicate with customers, and report on it all. Interested in giving it a shot at your venue? Schedule a free demo online.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the Gather blog and written by Caroline Cox.