How to Solve the Biggest Restaurant Industry Challenges


If you are a manager in the restaurant industry today, you’re facing a fair share of challenges. Staffing and operations are just a few hurdles you’re dealing with. On top of that, as customer demand grows and your restaurant sees more and more business, it’s natural for those pain points to feel even more overwhelming. 

Now more than ever, it is crucial to implement solutions and seek out opportunities for improvement in attracting and retaining staff and running your business smoothly. Let’s talk about what you can do to take some pressure off.

Technology in the restaurant industry for the win!

Suppose your restaurant is all about hosting fabulous private or semi-private group dinners, mid-size parties, or even grand events (or plan to). In that case, you need to consider leveraging technology. Because events bring in high revenue and have so many details, it is even more important that you implement smarter solutions!

There is a surprisingly large tech toolbox at your disposal to fix issues. Leverage the right solution to make your team happier and your day-to-day operations sing. Tripleseat and its robust features are designed to eliminate obstacles and bring a lot of ease to your event planning process. We’ve carefully designed it with all the common pain points in mind so that you can wave goodbye to those headaches. 

Let’s talk about a few problematic issues restaurants are facing today with events and how the right event technology can help.

The problem: Communication mix-ups for high-revenue generating events

Tripleseat’s dashboard communicates to your team a summary of all things events.

The complexity and speed within the restaurant industry can cause communication errors in all parts of your business, and events are no exception. Misinformation can be disastrous and costly. If your team is unaware of changes during the planning stages, this will inevitably lead to errors occurring during the event.

The solution: Streamline communication 

Make communication easy and accurate with these Tripleseat features

  • CRM: access customer and account data to keep track of leads, sales, and so much more.
  • Discussion Center: make communication easy for both you and your team with our customizable email templates.
  • Reporting: centralized dashboard and robust reporting allow you to have clear oversight of incoming leads, sales goals, forecasting, and more.
  • Guest Portal: Easy-to-access event documents and communication for your customers.
  • Tasks: set to-dos and send reminders to keep everyone on task.
  • Documents: keep information accurate and consistent by customizing your documents to highlight important data, contracts, and more.

The problem: Event-related repetitive tasks slow things down

Tripleseat’s task manager helps your team stay on top of to-dos.

It is important to look at what’s behind the scenes for your restaurant’s events and booking process. There are lots of opportunities to automate repetitive event-related tasks. By sitting back and letting your team work on repetitive tasks, this problem will frustrate your team and cost time and money!

The solution: Simplify with labor-saving software

Take charge and automate your restaurant processes and workflows with these Tripleseat features:

  • Customizable lead forms: capture interested customers without needing staff for an initial inquiry.
  • Autotasks by event style: streamlines work based on specific types of events and required tasks.
  • Tasks list: Assign these tasks and reminders for you and your team to help with consistency and speed.
  • Templated documents: customize proposals, menus, invoices, and more and maintain accuracy and prompt service.
  • Online PCI compliant payment processing: takes out the manual work and makes payments so easy.

The problem: Complicated event planning process

Operational tasks in managing bookings and event details are often more complex than it needs to be. If your restaurant has an outdated over-the-phone and written-down process or your workflow isn’t self-service, then you have a planning process problem. Remember that it takes just as much time to plan a $1,000 event as a $30,000 event. A complex process is no longer necessary.

The solution: Add game-changing efficiency 

TripleseatDirect is more efficient by letting your customers directly book events, group dining, and catering.

Use our intuitive and user-friendly software and the TripleseatDirect feature to allow your customers to book events and group dining directly:

  • Customizable direct booking forms: easily integrate forms with your site and more. Make it easy for customers to book events and group reservations directly, and booking forms can be customized if you offer pickup or delivered catering.
  • Customer self-serve directbook: prompt customers to choose their date and menu choices or skip for later. You control the booking by accepting the inquiry. 
  • Online PCI compliant payments: gives your guests the ability to pay easily, securely, and quickly for their event, including taxes and fees.

Tripleseat is the answer to your restaurant challenges

No doubt your staffing and operations are a bit strained right now. Business in the restaurant industry is only expected to increase, so addressing ways to improve employee satisfaction and seamless work processes will benefit you in the long run. Digital advancements like event management software leader Tripleseat provide you with the tools to overcome challenges. Tripleseat can truly catalyze growth for your restaurant business. Learn more about Tripleseat and schedule a demo today. 

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