The Tripleseat Sales and Event Management web application can create a Banquet Event Order in just a few clicks of the mouse. Gone are the days of cutting and pasting from old BEOs and Word docs. Standard, ugly BEOs delivered to your client via e-mail or fax are a thing of the past. With Tripleseat you can have your own custom BEO template that reflects your restaurant’s unique style.

Tripleseat enables you to deliver your Banquet Event Order to your client via the web where your guest can view and comment on the BEO details. How frustrating is it to make a dozen of changes and have to constantly email back and forth with every change?

With Tripleseat, you can make changes to the event seamlessly and communicate the changes in real-time. Streamline your planning process with Tripleseat’s banquet event order form templates that can vastly improve the experience of creating BEOs and their overall appearance.

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Choose from Multiple Unique Banquet Event Order Templates

If you are still not convinced that Tripleseat can save you a ton of time and help you grow your business, then feel free to download a standard Microsoft Word Banquet Event Order template that we have designed as a gift to you. As you are filling them out manually, keep in mind it only takes 15 seconds to complete them using our Tripleseat web application. Our banquet event order template downloads can keep the entire process simple and efficient, regardless of what the event calls for.

Choose from one of the options below to get started on an appealing BEO for your next event.

Red One Column BEO Template

A simple one column BEO template with an easy to read cost breakdown.

Blue Two Column BEO Template

A grid based two column BEO template that displays event details in separate, organized sections.

Gray Two Column BEO Template

A two column Banquet Event Order template that keeps all event details quickly accessible by elegantly listing them in a boxed column.

Basic Two Column BEO Template

A simplistic two column design that has all you need in a Banquet Event.

Using the Banquet Event Order template download that works best for you, you can make event planning easier than ever. Combined with the rest of our sales and event management application features, you can streamline the entire event planning and management process. Tripleseat is ready to give you everything you need to make your event a pleasant experience from beginning to end. Not using Tripleseat yet? Schedule a free demo online.

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