2 Tripleseat University Videos That Will Give Users a Deeper Dive Into Tripleseat Features


If you’re using Tripleseat to manage events for your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue, you’re already saving time and streamlining the event planning process. But there is more you can do to get to the next level of using Tripleseat’s features.

Our Tripleseat University team has been offering monthly TSU Remote sessions to help users get the most out of their Tripleseat account. They recently held two sessions that take a deeper dive into two of the most important features: documents and reporting. Take a look at the recordings below to learn more:

1. TSU Remote: Document Deep Dive

In this session, our presenters demonstrate all of the editing capabilities within your Tripleseat document settings. Learn how to adjust what data you are inputting via the template, and how to design each document layout exactly to your liking.



2. TSU Remote: Reporting Deep Dive

In this session, our customer success experts highlight Tripleseat’s most-used reports and teach ways to customize and share a range of reports to fit common business needs.


Need more resources?

If you’re a Tripleseat user, you can join Tripleseat University for training that will take you from newbie to pro! Our Tripleseat University YouTube channel has all the videos you need for a quick refresh on our features. And be sure to check our events calendar to sign up for future Tripleseat webinars. Our education and resources don’t stop there! We are constantly creating new videos, podcasts, blog posts, guides, and more to help event professionals become the best in the biz.