5 Tripleseat Reports to Help You Plan for Holiday Bookings and Sales


The holiday season is right around the corner, which means that it is time to do everything you can now to set your restaurant or venue up for success. One way to build up your events calendar full of off-site or small in-person events is to look at past clients who could potentially be interested in booking with your restaurant or venue again.

Aside from the contacts, it is crucial to understand the trends behind the event details stored in Tripleseat. This is when Tripleseat’s extensive list of reports come into play. Tripleseat has a variety of reports that can help you analyze past business, locate contacts, and capture data as you and your team look ahead to the future. Let’s take a closer look at five of these reports that you’ll want to run to prepare for the holiday season.

1. Most Booked Contacts Report

Not only is Tripleseat the tool to organize every detail of your events schedule, but it is also a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that saves all contact info of past clients and leads. By heading into Tripleseat and opening the Reports tab on the left-hand side, a user can scroll down to the Accounts and Contacts reports, which includes the Most Booked Contacts report among others. This report can be viewed in any custom time frame of choice, depending on how far back into Tripleseat you would like to see. The report will give a variety of details, including the contact name, title, account name, the number of events booked, events actual revenue, description, owner of the contact, and more. Start by looking at the contacts who have booked with your restaurant many times in the past, because chances are they could be the most likely to book something for this holiday season as well. 

2. Event Details Report

In order to stay on top of your calendar and monitor what events have already been booked for an upcoming time frame, take a look at the Event Details Report. This report will show event names, status, date, location, start and end times, along with a variety of other details. This report will help you to fill the rooms or locations that are currently less booked up and monitor events as they turn from tentative to definite. An important point to remember when planning your calendar is that when it comes to scheduling catering in Tripleseat, there is no limit to how many catering “events” can take place per day or timeframe. When setting up your catering room in Tripleseat, be sure to click “ignore conflicts” for the room so that it can be booked multiple times.

3. Lost Events or Lost Bookings Reports — TARP

Tripleseat Advanced Reporting Platform, otherwise known as TARP, is a premium feature that gives users access to 20+ single click reports about their data. The Lost Events and Lost Bookings reports in TARP can give insight into events or bookings that were canceled due to COVID-19, and could potentially be rescheduled for the holiday season. Take a look at these reports in TARP, and with one single click, check out all the details for these canceled events. If you have been noting that the “Lost Reason” was due to COVID like many of our customers have been, then you can easily read this information in the report and find the clients whose events were canceled in the last seven months.

4. Event Menu & Billing Items Report

As a result of the COVID-19 safety guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control, events do not look the same as they usually do. This has meant changing up the event menu items to become more COVID-friendly, accommodating social distancing, and decreasing contact among guests sharing food. Many restaurants and venues have moved to individually packaged food items, single-serve desserts, and appetizer trays for one, among other menu item updates.

These can be tracked and analyzed in the Event Menu & Billing Items Report, which shows a breakdown of the menus for your upcoming events. Use the report to understand what types of groups have been ordering specific items on the new menus, and use that information to guide prospective clients into finalizing their event with your restaurant. You may have not even realized that a certain new menu item is barely chosen on any event menus; therefore, your team could update some offerings with this insight.

5. Room Revenue Summary TARP

TARP’s reports are broken down into event, booking, and sales reports that are useful for event managers to quickly analyze specific areas of the business. The Room Revenue Summary falls into the event reports category and will show the revenue for each room at your restaurant over the course of a chosen time frame. This is helpful to see what rooms have been creating the most revenue since COVID-19 limitations came into play, and can even be analyzed by the AM vs. PM revenues brought in by events at different times of the day.

As the event manager, its time to creatively fill up the spaces that have not been booked up as much over the past few months. Try to maximize the amount of revenue each room brings in during the holiday season, and consider days and times that may not be the most popular. If you have been managing catering in Tripleseat, the Room Revenue Summary will also share information about your catering “room.” If your catering business is booming, you probably do not need the report to tell you so, but it is great to compare the catering revenues with those of the other rooms, which you may not have done before.

Get creative this holiday season

Restaurants have tried things that they never have in the past in order to drive revenue over the past seven months, and they will continue to do so into the holiday season and beyond. Take a look at tips for how and why restaurants can get into catering and other tips ways to drive revenue at the restaurant. Whether you are building your catering or private events bookings for the 2020 holidays, Tripleseat can help manage every detail. Not yet a Tripleseat customer? Schedule a demo at a time and date that works for you to learn more about how Tripleseat can help you build and streamline your events, private dining, and catering business.

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