Tripleseat Customer Spotlight – Marquee Las Vegas



There is never a dull moment at the Marquee Nightclub & Day Club which is located in the Cosmopolitan Casino and Hotel at the center of the Las Vegas Strip. Nicole Ortega, who manages Sales and Events,  has booked thousands of events at this hotspot since it opened. She relies on Tripleseat to manage sometimes over a 100 events per month. She calls Tripleseat the “BoomAndDone” because literally just a quick click BOOM! and you’re done.

What was life like BEFORE Tripleseat? TONS of paperwork, hours of changes and updating documents for every single change….just very tedious and…slow.

How has Tripleseat made your job better? Tripleseat has made it easier to run accurate reports at the click of a button, create and edit BEO’s literally in minutes, NOT stress over last minute changes because it literally takes minutes, if not seconds, to make super fast changes. It is easier to keep my communication with clients organized. OMG and tasks–much better than a thousand pop up outlook notices. Actually everything about Tripleseat has made my life rock that much harder.

What would you do if Tripleseat was taken away from you? Cry–forever.

How many events do you do in a month?100

How long did it take you to do a BEO BEFORE Tripleseat? and with Tripleseat how long? Before Tripleseat the entire process took approximately 1 hour. Now it takes about 5-10 minutes…if I am being lazy and slow!

What do you do with the time you save by using Tripleseat?Have so much more time to SELL SELL SELL!

Any other thoughts about Tripleseat? I can’t say enough good stuff about TS. It is a little slice of Heaven.