Video: Get to Know TripleseatDirect


Restaurant customers are always looking for an easy, seamless way to organize catering and events. In a recent survey we conducted with EventUp, 87 percent of consumers said they want the ability to self-book an event.

That’s why we created TripleseatDirect

TripleseatDirect is an omnichannel, direct booking CRM platform that offers various tools and services restaurants, hotels, unique venues, and caterers need to start, run and grow their on- and off-premise business. With TripleseatDirect consumers can now book, plan, and pay for on-premise events, off-premise catering, and other experiences directly from a venue’s website, social media, and Tripleseat’s EventUp.

With TripleseatDirect, consumers can now book, plan, and pay for their event with zero friction or delay. Similar to Tripleseat’s sales and event management platform, TripleseatDirect is subscription only and does not charge a commission or fee for bookings or orders.

We recently held a pop-up webinar that covers everything that hospitality professionals need to know to get started with TripleseatDirect. 

Watch the recording below to learn more about how to:

  • Set up the options for what customers see when they go to your TripleseatDirect lead form 
  • View and manage TripleseatDirect events in your dashboard
  • Review the details of a TripleseatDirect booking
  • Access documents that are automatically created once a booking has been made
  • Review TripleseatDirect settings, configurations, and booking restrictions
  • Set up items, packages, and menus
  • Create your TripleseatDirect lead form
  • Set up the follow-up emails that get automatically sent to clients

Drive more events and catering business with TripleseatDirect

TripleseatDirect enables restaurants and hotels to offer on-premise and off-premise events and catering to be booked by their clients, directly from their website, social media platforms, or EventUp. TripleseatDirect provides your customers with a simple online booking solution where they can book, plan, and pay for in-house private events, off-site catering, pickup, and delivery with zero friction.

If your venue isn’t using TripleseatDirect feature yet, head on over to our TripleseatDirect page for more information or to book a demo. You can also register for future webinars on our events page to learn more about Tripleseat, its features, and its products.