Two Chicks, Three Seats Podcast Roundup: Top 5 Downloaded Episodes of 2021


As we wrap up the end of 2021, we want to reflect on what Tripleseat’s podcast, Two Chicks, Three Seats brought to our listeners this past year. We appreciate each and every one of our listeners, and can’t wait to see what is in store for 2022. Take a look at this roundup of the top downloaded episodes of 2021 and be sure to check them out for yourself anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Episode 39: Minimonies vs. Microweddings, Events at the United States National Arboretum, and 2021 Weddings & Trends with Natalie Thomas, Founder & Events Director at MTG Hospitality

In episode 39, we virtually sat down with Natalie Thomas, Founder & Events Director at MTG Hospitality in Washington, D.C.,. to discuss all sorts of wedding trends. During the peak of the pandemic, Thomas was still able to put together incredibly beautiful minimonies and microweddings for her clients who may have had to cancel their original large-scale weddings. The trend of minimonies and microweddings may not have been as popular up until this point, but Thomas is on board with keeping them around for the long haul because there is something so special about an extremely intimate celebration of love.

Episode 55: Tips for Enforcing Vaccine Mandates at Events, How the Hospitality Industry is Supporting New Orleans, Comfort Food Recipes for Fall, and More in Hospitality News

In episode 55, we take a look at some of the trending news stories for the week of Sept. 3, which included the important subject of enforcing vaccine mandates at events before it was highly normalized. The industry has come a long way since then, with proof of vaccination being required at many restaurants in major cities, making the ask for proof of vaccination at events much easier. In this episode, we also discussed delicious comfort food recipes and how the hospitality industry supported New Orleans amid Hurricane Ida at the end of August.

Episode 51: Strategically Creating Virtual and Hybrid Events to Prospect, Engage, and Sell with Ike Singh Kehal, CEO at Social27

In episode 51, we had an insightful conversation with Ike Singh Kehal, CEO at Social27 about strategically creating virtual and hybrid events in order to prospect, engage, and sell. Social27 is a virtual event platform for conferences and beyond, that provides unique features to take the mission of an event to the next level. Kehal shares his knowledgeable background and gives advice on personalizing the event attendee experiences, explains how sales teams can capitalize on attendee behavior at an event, provides tips for combatting virtual event fatigue, and much more. This episode is timeless, so be sure to check it out to hear all of the important information for yourself as we look at conferences in 2022.

Episode 47: Attracting Generation Z as Employees in the Hospitality Industry

In episode 47, we discuss how restaurants can attract generation z as employees to work for their establishments. The workforce challenges in the hospitality industry have been a large conversation in 2021, with many workers leaving the industry for other careers amid the pandemic. Generation Z is an age group that restaurants can look at for a bright, fresh, energetic, and trendy perspective in their staff. These employees could start young and grow within your restaurant. This episode provides insight into Gen Z, what motivates them, why they would bring talent to your restaurant staff, and what your restaurant can do to attract this age group.

Episode 57: Creating the Perfect Luxury Experience with Ashly Whalen, Founder of Menta Graze

In episode 57, we chatted with Ashly Whalen, Founder of Menta Graze about creating the perfect luxury experience. Menta Graze is a New England-based luxury experiences company that offers grazing boards, pop-up picnics, luxury glamping experiences, and much more to all sorts of clients. A Menta Graze experience could be perfect for a bridal shower, baby shower, bachelorette weekend, or a piece of a larger private event. In the episode, Whalen explains her process for creating these luxury experiences that always end up being the perfect Instagrammable moment. Looking to add a new stunning element to your restaurant’s packages? Whalen gives tips on how a restaurant could create something like this in-house as well.

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