Two Chicks Three Seats Episode 39: Minimonies vs. Microweddings, Events at the National Arboretum, and 2021 Weddings and Trends


Weddings have certainly evolved throughout the pandemic and some couples have chosen to switch their large wedding plans to a smaller wedding that could take place within the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

That means that wedding planners and wedding venues have also evolved by creating new packages for clients that offer a more intimate experience, like a “minimony” or a “microwedding.” Has the wedding industry changed for good with these smaller and more personal experiences being such a success?

On today’s episode of Tripleseat’s podcast, Two Chicks, Three Seats, Kate and I are joined by Natalie Thomas, Founder and Events Director at MTG Hospitality in Washington, D.C.

Thomas works as a third-party event planner and saleswoman for venues in the D.C. area creating their event programs, one notably being the United States National Arboretum. Thomas has successfully created beautiful weddings at the Arboretum throughout the pandemic with the help of her creativity, marketing knowledge, and incredible vendor partners.

Listen to the episode to hear all about planning and executing intimate COVID-safe weddings; working with the Washington, D.C., hospitality community during the pandemic; and what wedding trends and events are to come for the rest of 2021. Get some inspiration from MTG Hospitality on Instagram or their website.

Check out Episode 39: Minimonies vs. Microweddings, Events at the United States Arboretum, and 2021 Weddings & Trends with Natalie Thomas, Founder & Events Director at MTG Hospitality, anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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What wedding trends have you seen?

The wedding industry is always creating new ideas and trends to make every experience perfect. What other trends have you seen or created that have been a success during the pandemic? Have you also been on board with the minimony and microwedding setup? Do you think small and intimate weddings are here to stay? Let us know your thoughts at!