Tripleseat Community: More Than Event Management


Did you know that 90% of Tripleseat employees have worked in restaurants, venues, and hotels at all levels? That means we understand first hand how challenging it can be to be the only professional on your team responsible for booking and managing your company’s private events business, and that sometimes you may need a little help and inspiration from others who get you.

Tripleseat is more than just a catering and event management platform — we’re a hospitality community. We offer multiple ways for hospitality sales and marketing professionals to learn, share ideas, and connect with each other. 

Looking to be a part of our community? Check out ways that you are able to interact with other hospitality professionals, even if you don’t use Tripleseat!

Looking to connect?

Tripleseat Party People

Tripleseat Party People is a program that is part hospitality community, part rewards program. We created an online community specifically for Tripleseat customers where you can share your experiences, learn industry knowledge, and connect with other event professionals, all while being rewarded for your participation.

We post challenges every week that you can complete at your own pace, such as reading blog posts, answering questions, or uploading photos. By participating, you earn points that can then be cashed in for prizes, from Tripleseat swag to big-ticket items like an Apple Watch or an iPad.

The best part is you’ll be helping others at the same time! You can even post your own questions to the discussion board and get feedback from others in the industry. The prizes are a fun and well-deserved incentive, but the program also benefits your personal lives and professional careers.

We have two instances of the program: One for restaurant professionals and one for hotel professionals. Visit these sites to join:

Event Manager Facebook Community 

While Party People is a place for Tripleseat customers, our Event Manager Facebook Community is a place for anyone in hospitality, whether you use Tripleseat or not. As a growing community, it has become a place to network with other event professionals. We post industry resources, get group feedback on relevant and timely industry questions, and share webinars and events that are happening to help career growth. 

Social Hour

If you’re looking for some virtual face-to-face interaction, we have a place for that too! Our Social Hour virtual roundtable was started in 2020 as a way to engage and help hospitality professionals stay in touch and connect during the pandemic when most found themselves furloughed and faced with uncertainty. 

It was such a success that we now host monthly round table discussions with sales and event managers and will often bring in industry experts to share their insights and hospitality experience. It’s a great chance to virtually connect, share ideas, and find out how other hospitality professionals manage and execute their events in a casual, open forum setting.

Enjoy reading?

Tripleseat Blog

The team at Tripleseat publishes almost 200 blog posts a year, all tailored around ways to educate, inspire, and help you succeed in your career. We often have posts focused on industry trends, marketing, revenue-generating ideas, and how to most effectively and efficiently use Tripleseat. Easily find what you are looking for by using the search bar at the top of the page, and make sure to keep this page bookmarked!

Seated magazine 

Did you know that Tripleseat also publishes a magazine twice a year? We wanted a publication where hospitality professionals were the focus, so we created Seated magazine. It’s written specifically with hospitality sales and event managers in mind, and covers an array of timely and relevant topics, including interviews with Tripleseat customers, career tips, and highlights of current industry news and trends. 

Always on the go?

Tripleseat’s Two Chicks, Three Seats Podcast 

Another great resource we have is our podcast, Two Chicks, Three Seats: The Event Manager’s Guide to Industry Trends. Hosted by Kate Kennedy, Tripleseat’s Sr. Communications & Product Marketing Manager, and Rachel Calkins, Tripleseat’s Marketing Specialist, the podcast dives into all things hospitality and events industry trends, marketing tips, notable industry stories, and amazing event professional guests to fill the third seat.

We are always looking for new guests to come on the show to share their experiences, especially during this ever-evolving time in the industry. If you may be interested in sharing your own story, please reach out via email at

Want to shake hands? 

*While we have currently we have paused our in-person events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are hoping to resume them once it is safe to do so. Here’s what you can look forward to: 

Tripleseat Party People Events

You’re familiar with the online party people community, but we couldn’t just stop there. We also bring the party to you! Our in-person networking events are a great way to connect with the Tripleseat team, as well as other Tripleseat users in your area. You’ll get to enjoy an evening of networking, eating, and drinking with us at the venue of a local Tripleseat customer. We’ll list these in-person events on our calendar once it’s safe to schedule them.

Tripleseat University on the Road

If you use Tripleseat, you may already know that Tripleseat University is an online hub full of resources to help you navigate all things Tripleseat, but we also have a hands-on experience for you.

We host classes for Tripleseat users by bringing our customer service team to you, and you’ll learn how to get the most out of your Tripleseat subscription. Classes cover multiple topics during a four-hour session for 20-40 attendees, so you’ll be able to receive individualized attention and ask questions specific to your venue. Plus, learn tips and tricks from other Tripleseat users!

Check our events calendar for Tripleseat University on the Road classes, once it’s safe for us to hold in-person events.

Tripleseat’s EventCamp

EventCamp is a one-day event designed specifically for restaurant and hotel sales and event professionals focused on one big goal: To learn about innovations that help them increase sales, stay on top of trends, work smarter using technology and data, and grow their business.​ By attending, you can meet hundreds of industry pros and learn new techniques for guest engagement and techniques to book more business and what is trending today in events. We will be scheduling online and in-person sessions under the EventCamp program in 2021; check the EventCamp website later this year for details.