Top 10 Tips to Achieve More Bookings in 2017


It’s a new year for booking events, so make the most of it. If you want to achieve more booking while staying organized, you’ll want to restrategize in order to increase your chances of long-term success. Test out these 10 tips in order to keep the bookings rolling in without you feeling overwhelmed.

1. Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very powerful tool. When you want to increase direct bookings, create emails with strong subject lines and influential content. For example, maybe you’re offering 10 percent off your rental fees for a limited time — send out an email blast to highlight this benefit. Be sure to start building a subscriber list as soon as possible.

2.  Create a User-Friendly Landing Page

A landing page should help you achieve optimal conversion rates, which means it needs to be user-friendly and direct. Your goal is to convert your website visitors into event attendees. Don’t make your visitors look around your site. Instead, provide a clear call to action, such as “book with us now “or “contact us today.”

3. Build a Social Media Following

Social media is a great way to promote your rental space, especially when you have a tight marketing budget. It can act as a platform to showcase your own portfolio. For example, you may post photographs of recent events, attracting new business. If you have plenty of photos, be sure to set up an Instagram and/or Pinterest account, and utilize Facebook ads.

4. Increase Organization

When you maintain high levels of organization, you increase your ability to succeed. Although many venues are still relying on ‘old school’ pen and paper methods, apps such as Tripleseat are streamlining the entire planning process. This means you not only increase bookings and save time, but also get paid faster. Invest in an event management web application to increase long-term success.

5. Connect With Others

When you connect with event planners and other related businesses, you can instantly expand your network. After all, event planners are always looking for great spaces. If you’re offering a unique booking opportunity, they will bring their business to you. Also, when connecting with potential clients, make you’re readily available to answer their questions or concerns.

6. Volunteer Your Space

Why not strategically host an event within your rental space by offering your venue as a meeting area for professionals? Depending on your typical clientele, you may be able to give a little in order to potentially get a lot in return. For example, say you would like to attract more bridal parties — hold an open-house with local businesses that attract this group.

7. Get Listed

Seek out online event directories that market specifically to event planners. Not only will this help showcase what you offer and boost your visibility, but you will likely benefit from more leads. When incorporated into your event management app, you can then easily convert those leads into bookings.

8. Lead With Your Unique Selling Proposition

There are plenty of great spaces out there, what sets you apart? Are you known for your service? Perhaps your rental space is full of charm and character? Whatever your selling proposition is, make it known. As you develop a reputation, you’ll become the go-to spot based on what you offer.

9. Stay On Top of Your Competitors

It’s important to keep a close eye on your competitors, no matter what industry you’re in. When aiming to increase bookings, see what your direct competitors are doing and how that may affect your business. Stay on top of their news and changing policies, as well as customer feedback.

10. Invest In Quality Photography

When someone is initially looking for a venue, they’ll want to see how your space looks. Quality photographs will likely influence someone’s decision to book. If you offer high ceilings or beautiful exposed brick, you’ll want to showcase that. Invest in a photographer, as your unique selling features need to be visible and well represented.