Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Event Management Software


Investing in the right event management software plays a huge role in the success of events at your restaurant. Today, most restaurant businesses are leaning in to technology to provide a powerful extension of their workforce to deliver their hospitality brand and experience.

Let’s look at these big reasons why event management software like Tripleseat is well worth the investment and can help you make more money and crush the competition.

Tripleseat allows users to assign tasks to staff members or clients

1. Improves efficiency 

The event business brings in more than 30% of the overall revenue for restaurants — so to meet this demand, efficiency is very much needed. From start to finish, technology keeps you on top of the details. Cross off your to-do list, meet deadlines, and ultimately free up a lot of time for you and your entire team with intelligent automation.

Using Tripleseat, you can easily build and automate completely branded documents like banquet event orders, contracts, proposals, and invoices. Tripleseat’s tasks tool aids with repetitive tasks and ones that you need specific people to complete. You can assign tasks to staff members or clients, along with deadlines and reminders. Keep track of everything that needs to be done before, during, and after an event.

2. Enhances customer experience

Event management software improves your clients’ experience through an intuitive and personalized event booking process. This is vital for attracting new customers and keeping loyal ones. Consider Tripleseat’s intuitive lead forms and the TripleseatDirect booking feature — they are easy, accessible ways to attract and book potential clients. The Tripleseat guest portal is a dedicated hub where clients can manage their relationship with your brand and communicate and complete tasks related to their event. Customer communication is a breeze with automated email templates so customers quickly get the information they need. All in all, Tripleseat makes it super easy for you to provide the best customer experience. 

3. Decreases errors

No matter how careful people are, errors happen — especially if you aren’t using technology to help. By implementing Tripleseat at your restaurant, you will notice a reduction in mistakes. First, templated responses to incoming leads will help with consistent, accurate information. Second, automation reduces human errors likely to occur in manual tasks. Last, the Tripleseat dashboard is a centralized place — accessible anywhere, anytime — where all event coordination takes place helps increase accuracy. 

4. Collects customer data

Tripleseat’s customer relationship management makes it easy to build a database for one venue or across multiple. Use Tripleseat’s reporting tools to get more out of your customer data — pull reports based on location, account, bookings, and more. Find your VIP customers who have spent or booked the most with your venue within a certain time frame. Use customer preferences, behaviors, and spending patterns to target these groups in your email, social media, or direct mail marketing and encourage them to create more bookings with your restaurant. 

5. Improves visibility

Having visibility into your business operations is crucial; the right event tech can help you and your team work together to avoid challenges. Tripleseat’s central dashboard takes transparency to new levels — store all your events’ details in one central location. If you have one venue or hundreds, you can view your calendar, bookings, documents, notes, and tasks associated with your bookings. And take it on the go by using Tripleseat on your devices or syncing your Tripleseat calendar with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, or Apple iCal. With this added visibility, you’ll be able to make quick, on-the-go changes and larger, company-wide strategic decisions.

6. Saves money, makes money

Access your venue’s key performance indicators with Tripleseat’s reporting tools

Technology specifically geared for events will help reduce costs and increase revenue in many ways — including optimizing operations, driving leads for events, and increasing upsell opportunities. Tripleseat removes redundant and burdensome tasks by keeping you and your available staff connected to the tasks at hand. You may find you can book and execute more events with your current staff due to automation. T

ripleseat can help you capture more market share by using lead forms on your website, social media pages, and EventUp directory listings. Tripleseat lets you collect secure, PCI-compliant payments online from your banquet event orders, contracts, or other documents. Tripleseat makes it seamless to offer add-on options to the client, bringing in even more revenue.

7. Provides reporting and data insights

How do you know how your event business is doing? Tripleseat’s reports will help you keep up with the key performance indicators you need to run your business.

You can track payments and get a financial overview of your venue in minutes. Pull reports to track the status of your events, menus, sales, and more. This data can be filtered and used to improve targeted marketing strategies or shared with the team to identify ways to enhance your events. 

8. Improves team morale

Retaining your staff can be challenging, but event management technology like Tripleseat can positively impact morale and help retention. It makes perfect sense that empowering your staff to work smarter will make them feel valued. Tripleseat implements efficiency, communication, and collaboration so that your team will have a strong sense of satisfaction on the job. “Upskilled” employees will have cloud-based information and assigned tasks at their fingertips whenever and wherever needed. 

Banquet Event Orders and other documents can be customized in Tripleseat

9. Customization

Great event management platforms should allow you to make the software work for your business. Tripleseat has many features you can customize to work for your restaurant. Brand your lead forms and documents using your colors and logo. Change data inputs relating to events, leads, and payments to align with your business. Create your picklists, choose your calendar views, and personalize your email templates, BEOs, filter reports, and more.

10. Less stress

While you may be thinking, how can learning a new technology provide less stress? Well, we know what hospitality businesses need and have made our software easy to learn and apply to your pain points. Depend on Tripleseat’s reliable and well-thought-out products. We love our customers and provide the best-in-class customer support. Tripleseat was named one of Boston Business Journal’s fastest-growing companies in 2023 and won the APPEALIE SaaS Customer Success Award for the fifth consecutive year! 

Invest in your future

Recognize the opportunity and take decisive action to invest in event management software to enjoy a clear return on investment. Tripleseat, a leader in event management software, will focus on optimizing business efficiency, capturing more market share, and investing in the future of your business. If you’re not yet a Tripleseat customer, schedule a free web demo at a day and time that works for you and learn how to take your events business to the next level.

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