Tips For a Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Push at Your Restaurant


Valentine’s Day, the second biggest money-making holiday for the restaurant industry, is exactly one week away, but the holiday festivities will begin before the weekend starts. Many restaurants have been promoting their Valentine’s Day offerings for a few weeks now, with prix-fixe menus, menu specials, and complimentary offerings.

While many guests may have their Valentine’s Day plans with their loved ones already booked, others will still be searching for reservations up until Feb. 14. How can you capitalize on the last-minute guests looking to celebrate the day of love at a restaurant?

1. Creatively share your promotions

Your restaurant may have been promoting your offerings in a certain way for the past few weeks, but spice up your marketing for this final push. Create new images to post on social media with your offerings and include attention-grabbing words like “Limited Quantity Left” or “Few Reservations Available.” You could even post about the specific reservation slots that are still available to book. Include this information in an Instagram caption and update the text as the calendar changes. 

2. Offer last-minute deals

Try offering a special deal to the couples or groups who book within this final week of Valentine’s Day. Maybe they get a complimentary item, a discount on their next visit to your restaurant, or a gift card when they spend a certain amount. Any small perk that can entice just one more group to book will be worth the small financial loss from whatever deal is offered. There is certainly still a large crowd that will be looking for plans and will jump on the opportunity for an extra perk. 

3. Email repeat customers

Reach out to your beloved list of repeat customers one final time via email marketing to make sure they know they still have the chance to book with you. Since they are already an individual or group who has had a great experience with you, there’s an increased chance that they’ll say yes to your offering. Maybe you have an extra special discount or deal for these repeat customers. Use the new images you have created and get creative with your text, incorporating the fact that you “love” these customers who you have worked with before.

4. Promote February events

Maybe your Valentine’s Day weekend calendar is already fully booked. If that is you, then congrats! There are still things you can do to drive more business to your restaurant throughout the rest of the month. Try offering a deal for those who book an event in the month of February. Our customer, Haven Rooftop in New York City, is currently offering an additional two free hours of premium open bar or a 25 percent discount off of their standard pricing to those who book a dinner or cocktail party in February. If you were thinking about hosting a party in the near future, this is the sign that will push you to do so. Restaurants and event venues can do a promotion just like this or put their own twist on it to include discounts, complimentary items, or gift cards for future events.

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