February 2022 Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Industry


Here we are in another month of ideas for marketing in the hospitality industry. February has a couple of important holidays that give perfect reason to celebrate at a restaurant or venue.

The most well-known holiday of the month falls on Feb. 14 with #Valentine’sDay, which is when many restaurants offer prix-fixe menus, special deals, and other promotional packages. There is no Valentine’s Day without a #GalentinesDay, specifically noted as Feb. 13, where the single ladies can get together to celebrate just like the couples. Restaurants and venues can start promoting their Valentine’s Day packages right now in order to maximize in-person capacities and off-site orders like catering and takeout. While “Celebrate Valentine’s Day” is the headline used for most promotions, include #GalentinesDay when promoting as well.

Coincidentally, #SuperBowlSunday also falls on Feb. 13 along with #GalentinesDay. It is too soon to know who will be playing in the big game, but there are going to be plenty of customers everywhere looking at restaurants to offer in-person and takeout options for Super Bowl parties. Spend your Galentine’s Day watching football or if that’s not your style, it is the perfect way to celebrate with other non-sports fans.

February also includes #NationalFreedomToMarryDay on Feb. 12 to celebrate and recognize same-sex marriage. The celebration of this day has happened since 1999 when it was declared by a Washington, D.C., gay-rights advocacy law firm. Perhaps this special day has encouraged a wedding or party of its own at your venue on Feb. 12.

February definitely acknowledges all of the favorite treats for sweet tooths favorites with #NationalBakedAlaskaDay on Feb. 1, #NationalFrozenYogurtDay on Feb. 6, #NationalPlumPuddingDay on Feb. 12, and #NationalChocolateMintDay on Feb. 19. Carbs are a big hit in February too with #NationalTaterTotDay on Feb. 2, #NationalFettuccineAlfredoDay on Feb. 7, and #NationalPizzaDay on Feb. 9.

Finally, be certain that you highlight your drink menu and your staff this month because #NationalMargaritaDay lands on Feb. 22 and #WorldBartenderDay on Feb. 24.

Be sure to tag @tripleseat on social media so that we can see all the ways you use the holiday hashtags. Check out the full list below and happy celebrating!

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