Private Dining Resources: Free banquet event order templates


When we redesigned the Tripleseat website a few weeks back, we wanted to make sure we did a couple of things:

  • Keep the existing BEO templates available
  • Give use the ability to expand our resources section to include additional goodies to help our customers and community better do their jobs.

It has always been our goal to help private dining managers and catering managers truly excel at their jobs. The BEO templates are our first stab at providing you with some great resources, but we’re not done yet! Our private dining banquet event order forms are a great way to improve the event planning process, but Tripleseat has plenty more to offer our customers.

So, I pose the question to you…

What other types of private dining and/or banquet resources would you like to see available from Tripleseat?

Leave a comment below and we’ll get started on filling our resources section with the things most useful to you. We’re always looking for ways to improve user experience for our apps, BEO templates, and more, which is why we want your input to tell us what you need and would like to use to further simplify event planning.

But wait! The templates are great, but they still require manual entry of data. Ugh! Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to type in all the repetitive parts of a BEO? Naturally, that’s where Tripleseat comes into play. With Tripleseat, you can generate each of these documents with only a few clicks of the mouse. Tripleseat does all the heavy lifting, by merging in details from your bookings – name, date, menu items, costs, and more. All of the details you need are generated quickly and easily.

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Use One of Our Free BEO Templates and More to Streamline the Event Planning Process

Using one of our free banquet event order forms, you don’t have to find the event planning process challenging or frustrating. In addition to our sales and event management app, these private dining banquet event order forms can allow you to plan your event with ease. At Tripleseat, we have everything you need to keep the event planning process simple from start to finish, helping keep both you and your guests comfortable throughout. We’re ready to provide you with a complete solution that eliminates all of the concerns you may have about event and sales management.

You can also contact us at any time to discuss your needs, and we’ll be able to discuss our solutions with you.

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