How Tripleseat Helps Wineries and Breweries in Australia and New Zealand


Most people know Tripleseat as the number one event management platform for restaurants, hotels, and unique venues throughout all of North America. But, what you may not know is that we have quite a few loyal customers Down Under, specifically wineries and breweries scattered throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Let’s talk about how Tripleseat supports these businesses with private events and much more.


Take Brick Bay vineyard in Aukland, New Zealand, for example. They offer private events, group wine tastings, guided tours of their vineyard, and walking tours of their open-air art sculpture trails — all booked using Tripleseat’s customizable lead forms. Creating custom forms for each event type and using them in all of your marketing efforts couldn’t be more simple than it is with Tripleseat.

Brick Bay can keep track of where every lead comes from and which campaigns reaped the most revenue with bespoke lead sources. Whatsmore, they created specific auto-response emails for each lead type, so they’re not only responding to prospects with lightning speed, but their responses are not generic and are consistent across the board.


Public Brewery in Croydon, Australia, uses Tripleseat to book on and offsite private events and as a CRM tool to keep in contact with their loyal customers. After a year of shutdowns and uncertainty, keeping in touch with repeat clients has never been more important, and with Tripleseat, it’s easy too.

Use the information you have in Tripleseat to let specific customers know about your current on and offsite options, what plans you have for events in the future, and what beers you’re currently offering. Almost every piece of information stored in Tripleseat is reportable. Breweries like Public Brewery can pull reports on contacts based on how often they place orders, how much they spend, what type of beer they purchase most frequently, and so much more. They then use all of their reporting to send targeted marketing campaigns to the right contacts at the right time. 

Many wineries and breweries have started to offer their guests the option of booking unique experiences. Brokenwood Wines in Pokolbin, Australia, allows guests to book a myriad of different wine tastings and tours. For example, their Icons of The Hunter Tasting Experience collaborates with several wineries in the area so participants can taste hand-selected wines from each winery for the ultimate VIP Hunter Valley Wine experience, and of course, they use Tripleseat to book and organize each one of these truly premium events. 

Use the right software to manage events at your venue

As you can now see, Triplesaet truly is the perfect platform for wineries and breweries across the globe. It’s the easiest way to streamline every event or experience, whether on or off-premise and gives you all the tools necessary to keep in touch with your clients while also staying in tune with what they want from you. 

Are you a brewery or winery looking for an all-in-one platform to handle your on and off-premise sales? Schedule a demo to learn more about how Tripleseat can help you build and streamline more than just your private events. 

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