Here’s How Lead Forms Set You Up for Success


Tripleseat’s mission is to make the event planning process more seamless and more fun, for both our customers and their event guests. One of the big ways we do this is through our signature lead form. This is a form that’s easily embedded onto your company’s website (our support team is always happy to walk you through the simple steps) so that those interested in booking your venue can easily submit their inquiry at any time.

Read on to learn more about the ways this form can change the game for your events program.

Accept lead inquiries 24/7

One of the biggest benefits of implementing Tripleseat’s lead form onto your company’s website is that it allows potential event clients to submit an inquiry anytime, day or night. Plus, the form will arm you with more information from the beginning of the interaction process, meaning less back-and-forth correspondence will be needed before confirming the event. Whether it’s midday or the middle of the night, guests can inquire about your space at their leisure, and you’ll get the inquiry straight to your inbox for easy responding.

Respond to more leads faster

Thanks to Tripleseat, you don’t have to worry about manually crafting responses to each individual message. Our template responses let you quickly follow up with the potential client to confirm, get more information, or let them know that their date is unavailable. Automating these types of responses saves tons of time that can be better spent managing your team and growing more leads.

Put your events program front and center

It’s no secret that call-to-action buttons can be a game-changer, particularly for restaurants looking to book private events — more visibility = more leads. By leading guests to additional info and details about your events offerings, and thus allowing them to make an inquiry right there on your site, you have a better chance of converting the inquiry to an actual event. Plus, this means those visiting your site have less of a chance of getting lost or giving up trying to weed through pages of content to find event information.

Track lead conversions easily

Having a shorter correspondence process leading up to an event often translates into having more events go from inquiry to confirmed. Additionally, Tripleseat’s myriad lead features allow users to track the number of leads that come in vs. how many of those leads convert into business. This data can help you and your team modify strategies to ensure you have the best event sales plan in place.

Get started

Now that you have learned all about lead forms, it is time to put your skills into action! Set up new lead forms as needed and watch your leads come into your Tripleseat dashboard. Then, watch this Tripleseat University video to learn how to convert these leads to booked events. Not yet a Tripleseat customer? Schedule a demo at a time and date that works for you to learn more about how Tripleseat can help you build and streamline your events and private dining business.

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