Empower Your Taproom Guests To Reserve Their Own Tables and Beer

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What’s better than a fully booked event calendar and a taproom filled with happy patrons? Enabling those patrons and party planners to book with you on your website without ever having to lift a finger.  

To enable your taproom customers to book large groups or events by adding food or activities, you can integrate Tripleseat’s Direct Booking features into your taproom operations. 

Book Now Option

Implement a direct booking system by setting up a booking portal on your website. This will allow your customers to easily view available tables and select their preferred time slots. TripleseatDirect allows you to customize the reservation parameters, such as party size, time slots, and table availability, giving your customers a convenient way to reserve their desired tables.

Table Management and Reservation

Define table configurations and capacities, and designate certain tables for reservations. This way, when customers make a reservation, they can select their desired table or area from the available options. Depending on your needs, you can leave the majority of your tables ‘open’ for walk-in customers and use ‘Reserved’ signs for only those tables that can be reserved online. These tabletop signs signal to walk-ins that they can, too, reserve a table ahead of time for future planning. 

Beer Reservation Options

Enhance the reservation experience by allowing customers of your taproom to pre-select their beer preferences. Integrate a beer reservation feature into the online booking process, where customers can choose their preferred beer options or beer flights ahead of time. This ensures that their preferred beers are available when they arrive and reduces wait times at the bar.

Activity Reservations

If you offer pickle ball, volleyball, corn hole sets, or other fun activities for your taproom guests, you can turn those games into reservable areas for your guests. This allows you to control how many guests can participate in each activity and set time limits on each activity to allow for multiple users throughout the day. Another huge benefit is being able to collect payments upfront; you set this as a flat deposit, a percentage, or the full amount; collecting payments upfront generates revenue immediately and encourages patrons to stick to their scheduled time.

Brewery Example: Fifty West Brew in Cincinnati, OH, offers both pickleball and volleyball court reservations at their brewery and manages the court’s reservation through TripleseatDirect.

Taproom Guest Communication

Tripleseat enables you to communicate with customers regarding their reservations. Send automated emails confirming their reservation details, including table number and beer choices. You can also utilize the platform to send reminders closer to their reservation time. Effective communication keeps customers informed and engaged throughout the process.

By implementing these strategies with Tripleseat, you can empower taproom customers to reserve their tables and beer, providing them with a convenient and personalized experience.

This improves customer satisfaction and optimizes your taproom operations by effectively managing reservations and streamlining the ordering process.

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What is Tripleseat?

The #1 Guest and Event Management Software for Hospitality – Tripleseat is an easy-to-use sales and event management platform for restaurants, hotels, and unique/special venues that will increase your bookings and remove the stress of the planning process.

What is TripleseatDirect?

TripleseatDirect lets customers easily book their events or order catering with your venue online. The TripleseatDirect platform connects with your website, social media, or EventUp listing, allowing customers to plan, order, and pay for their event 24/7.

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