3 Tripleseat Features You Should Set Up Now to Help Drive Holiday Business


Restaurants, event spaces, caterers, and unique venues are already well on their way to booking their event calendars for the holiday season. Whether that be for corporate holiday parties, seasonal celebrations, family outings, or social bashes, the holiday event season is right around the corner.

Do not feel behind; there is still much to be done to get your space all booked up by the time December 1 rolls around. And as a Tripleseat customer, there are specific features that you can take advantage of to help you drive holiday business.

1. Create a holiday season-specific lead form

First up is the holy grail of Tripleseat features: the lead form. Yes, you have the lead form that you use all year round on your website and social media, but have you set up a holiday season-specific lead form? This lead form can be given a holiday-themed header, seasonal text colors, holiday logos, and any extra information that you need to ask of potential holiday season event hosts. The lead form can also have its own holiday season messaging for the auto-response email if you so choose.

Better yet, creating a new holiday season lead form will allow your team to see where leads are coming from and if they are coming from this lead form that is pushing holiday season promotions. This will be done by specifying the correct lead source. When setting up the holiday lead form, be sure it is linked to a reportable holiday lead source, which can be added in Settings > Preferences > Dropdowns.

Add this holiday season lead form in specific holiday email campaigns, messages to potential repeat clients, and when posting about holiday offerings and availability across social media by utilizing the live link on the newly created lead form. Not only is a holiday season-specific lead form great to drive business, but it also shows a nice marketing touch that your company stays with the times and loves the holiday season!

If this holiday season lead form has caught your interest, set up a new lead form by simply heading into Tripleseat and going to Settings > Lead Forms.

2. Update and upgrade your venue directory listings

As a venue, you are pushing holiday season promotions in the hopes that event planners and private groups will find your venue and think of it as the perfect holiday party location. Well, these event planners that represent social and corporate clients will also be searching for venues in their own way, including through the use of venue directories like EventUp powered by Tripleseat and VENUES by Tripleseat. As a listing on these directories, venues are able to upload stunning photographs, write informative venue descriptions, provide important location information, describe the specific event spaces, and choose adjectives that express the amenities and environment of the venue, restaurant, or event space. If a planner is searching the venue directory by city, the planner can narrow down the type of venue that is of interest to them based on the specific characteristics they are looking for in a venue.

As a Tripleseat customer, you automatically get a free listing on both of these sites, which receive an average of 15 million monthly views. It is important to update your listing with proper information, including insights into any holiday season offerings. That way, when a prospect comes across your venue on the directory, they have all the information that they need or how to get it just by looking at the listing. Take EventUp and VENUES to the next level by upgrading your listing to a premium package, which bumps you to the top of search results, along with other benefits.

3. Set up TripleseatDirect

While you are busy coordinating the holiday season events already on the books, you can have event bookings coming in 24 hours a day with the help of TripleseatDirect. TripleseatDirect is Tripleseat’s latest feature that allows potential customers to book, plan, and pay for in-house private events, off-site catering, pickup, and delivery all on their own. Think of it as an opportunity for even more revenue to come in without putting in any extra work, especially when preparing for the busy holiday season.

TripleseatDirect orders get their own special TripleseatDirect form that captures all the key information for the event, including collecting payment. The form can be set up to include blackout dates and times for when events are already booked or when events should not be offered. If this feature is of interest to you, then there is no time like right before heading into the busiest time of the year to go for it. Click here to schedule a TripleseatDirect demo to learn more.

Get started now for a successful holiday season

If you are not a Tripleseat customer but want to increase sales and drive business to your restaurant or unique venue for the holiday season, click here to schedule a demo to learn about how Tripleseat can help you.

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