TARP (Tripleseat Advanced Reporting Platform)

Business Intelligence for Informed Hospitality Data Decisions

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Understand Your Data with TARP

TARP is a reporting tool that analyzes your data and takes the stress of spreadsheets out of your life with intelligent reports and dashboards to help review your business.

Key Features:

  • Customizable dashboards 
  • Data visualization for faster analysis
  • Historical analysis & trend forecasting
  • Overview of market segmentation
  • Real-time reporting on revenue and sales activity
Let TARP take reporting one step further


Homepage Dashboard Snapshot

  • Customize your Dashboard with new reporting widgets for a snapshot of frequently used reports
  • Get a quick overview of your most important event data
  • Review selected events by status and style
  • Easily see where new leads are coming from
  • Keep a close eye on booking productivity by owner

Customizable Dashboards

  • Individually customizable dashboard views allow you to save your preferred snapshot of top reports on the TARP homepage.
  • Use your dashboards to quickly view and realize actionable insights on the most relevant data across your organization
  • User-specific dashboards can be created and bookmarked for future reference of frequently used reports.

Extensive Reporting

  • Booking Reports display a comprehensive overview of booking and hotel details and totals at a glance.
  • Event and Sales Reports allow you to review individual event reporting.
  • 25+ in-depth reports to provide you with the tools you need to manage your business
Learn what TARP can do for you


Comprehensive data snapshot

Compiled booking and event data give you a comprehensive overview of sales tasks, projections, and up-to-date financials, allowing admins and managers an efficient experience to make database decisions faster than ever.

Insightful reporting that works for you

  • Faster, data-driven reporting – analyze and produce forecasts that leadership can use. 
  • Historical analysis – discover trends in your historical data to help inform future decisions

Sales forecasting

  • Drilled-down data – A deeper analysis of sales data allows you to review individual performance across salespeople.
  • Forecast trends – Review past performance across events and the sales team to increase the accuracy of sales forecasting.
  • Market segmentation – Report on market segmentation to have a better understanding of where your customers are coming from

Tired of wasting endless hours manually organizing your data to produce reports? Let TARP do the work for you!

  • Less clunky spreadsheets
  • More in-depth reporting
  • Tailored to your business

Frequently Asked Questions

  • TARP is a must-have for any larger hospitality groups and hotels looking for a more efficient way to report on their business and make faster, more informed decisions. TARP is a flexible solution that is extremely useful across different industries and for any customer who wants to make more data-based decisions. TARP is an excellent reporting solution frequently used by larger restaurant groups. Hotel groups of all kinds, including major hotel brands and independent boutique properties all use TARP to make smarter business decisions.

  • Pricing includes client support, online training videos, unlimited users, and access to all reports.

  • TARP’s reports may be viewed in a browser, saved to your favorites, or exported to pdf, or csv.

  • Yes, TARP reports allow you to see updates in real-time.

  • There is no limit on Dashboards.

  • Head to the Marketplace within Tripleseat. Click ‘Learn More’ on the TARP add-on section. From there, it’s as easy as adding TARP to your shopping cart. Or if you would like to speak to a sales rep for more information, you can schedule a demo first.

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