Work From Hotel: The New WFH


With more and more companies shifting to work-from-home models, tired remote employees want workspaces that don’t isolate them in their homes. Hotels can drive more bookings by promoting new work-from-hotel packages.

Can you believe we are closing in on two years since COVID initially caused us to hunker down in our homes? As we look back on the initial shutdown and how we had to adjust to a new way of living and working, we remember the peak of stress and chaos. We were tested to perform office jobs in creative, shared spaces with family members, kids, pets, and roommates. Personally speaking, I may have had to retreat to my closet from time to time for some quiet and sanity. There was zero balance — absolutely no division between home life and work life.

Moving into 2022, we are acclimating and enjoying more normalcy now. Companies and employees continue to evolve as restrictions have lifted. We have seen a large shift in work culture compared to how it was pre-pandemic. While many office buildings have opened, many more are converting work models to remote or partially remote. According to Gallup’s September 2021 update, 45% of full-time U.S. employees work all or part of the time remotely.

Work this way

Across the U.S. and the globe, companies saw an increase in productivity during the forced shutdown, despite the non-ideal work environments in the homes of remote workers. Many companies have opted to work this way and formalize a remote or hybrid model within their work culture. Well-known companies like Facebook, Capital One, Amazon, and Ford have led the way for all companies to be more flexible with employees by implementing a permanent remote option.

Today, companies and their workers need to focus on improving remote work. One way to do this is to consider alternative locations. Let’s face it, some homes are better equipped for home office workspace, while some are not. Fatigued and unmotivated by their makeshift home offices, remote workers seek unconventional environments to increase productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Beyond having a respectable space to work in, they desire to escape the isolation of home. With travel and social activities back on track, many remote workers are desiring to balance work and personal time. Companies and their employees want inspiring, easy, and affordable workspaces.

Change of scenery

At an upward rate, remote employees are booking nearby and faraway hotel stays. So how do hotels leverage this opportunity and entice remote workers to become guests? A simple, clean, spacious room can provide the basics. (No more hiding home messes with Zoom meeting backgrounds!) Hotels that are scenic and in interesting locations certainly attract remote employees for office hours and beyond. After all, who wouldn’t want to work poolside, with the option to sightsee during their downtime?

But every hotel, even those without pools or scenic views, can attract more remote guests seeking a change of surroundings. This truly is an opportunity for hotels to create offerings and promotions focused on remote employees looking for an escape from their home office.

Perks that work

In order to maximize bookings, consider the amenities that you offer. Change your perspective on what it is like being remote. What offerings would make you more productive? Our suggestions include high-speed wi-fi, landlines, office supplies, printing and faxing access, and accessible meeting rooms.

Additional amenities include access to a kitchen, discounted food and drinks, endless coffee, fitness centers, laundry service, long-term parking, and onsite child or pet care. If your working guests are seeking your hotel to mix in some downtime, make sure you can provide something social after hours when work is done.

Affordable work from home packages

Working out of a hotel might seem unrealistic financially for many. Keep in mind when you are developing your work from hotel packages, guests could be apprehensive about hidden costs. Make sure you promote great deals for remote employees seeking short and long-term stays.

Put in place elite status programs for your guests, reward programs and incentives, multi-hotel memberships, reduced fees for added services, long-term tax exemptions, rebates on spending, and more. Look into local companies for potential partnerships and make sure you promote your hotel package.

Remote is here to stay

Settling into the changes created by COVID, we realize that remote jobs are here permanently. Research from Ladders, a career site that tracked remote jobs since the pandemic began, shows that 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of this year. They believe remote opportunities will continue to increase beyond that. There is plenty of upside to hotels as people seek a creative workspace.

We are thrilled that the hotel industry is reaping the benefits from this workforce change. Make sure you make the most out of this growing guest segment and develop your work-from-hotel package. Use your creativity to develop offerings that boost your business. It is bound to be a comeback year!