Why Technology Can Help Your Restaurant Lower Costs


Successful restaurants focus on ways to lower restaurant costs in addition to their efforts to drive revenue. In fact, according to the National Restaurant Association’s 2023 State of the Restaurant Industry Report, 92% of restaurant operators are looking to overcome the challenges of rising costs. 

If you own or manage a restaurant, technology should be part of your strategy to decrease expenses and maximize profit. While you may have overlooked technology’s role in what turns out to be significant cost savings, tech is truly an investment that pays back.

Now, let’s talk about some of the reasons why tech features help and how we’ve witnessed our customers using TripleseatDirect to save on their bottom line. 

1. Tech is easy-to-use and streamlines processes

Ease-of-use, efficiency, and automation through technology save your restaurant money. There are so many tasks your team does that are redundant and manual. Use technology to simplify processes and automate tasks. You save money through happier, less taxed staff, more efficient operations, better time and food management, and satisfied customers! 

We created the TripleseatDirect feature to be easy to use and provide you with an efficient way to manage all of your large party reservations in one place. Set up direct booking forms with your calendar, table or space availability, menu options, and payment processing. No more wasting valuable time on the phone or over email to coordinate these larger parties. It is such an easy and efficient way to manage this part of your business.

 2. Tech customization allows for savings

Because modern software has become so flexible with its features, restaurants are able to apply technology functions to their individual and unique business needs. Tech allows you to build custom workflows and user experiences. You will meet your operational needs and find opportunities to save money.

TripleseatDirect is versatile for a number of different use cases for restaurants. You can manage large party dining reservations, special experience bookings, and on- and off-premise catering. Create multiple unique booking forms with specific menu items and booking parameters, such as calendar blackout dates. While TripleseatDirect is customizable, you’ll retain full control over availability, menu, offerings, and which reservations to accept.

Technology allows your restaurant staff to manage the customer experience with less hand-holding. Customers can interact with your restaurant directly and have the ability to self-serve. 

3. Tech requires fewer human touchpoints 

By providing your customer the ability to directly book for large party reservations or other event bookings via TripleseatDirect, your customer and staff experience will soar. You’ll be able to outline your services clearly, and your customers will know precisely what they are getting by booking at your restaurant. Fill more tables to utilize F&B and your staff better; customers will save time.

4. Data helps to reduce costs

Restaurant solutions provide you with key cost-saving metrics to measure and act upon. Tech keeps you on top of staffing, food inventory, menu items, business drivers, and more in order to make strategic cost-saving moves. 

Because TripleseatDirect allows you to build specific booking forms with specific parameters, you’ll gain valuable data. Not only can you see exactly where people found your venue and booked large parties, but now you can see what menu items are the most important. You’ll be able to change course to reduce expenses quickly.

Cut costs with cutting technology

Stay ahead of the curve by investing in Tripleseat. Learn more about how Tripleseat can help save time, improve processes, increase satisfaction, and ultimately cut costs at your restaurant. Schedule a demo to capture direct bookings for events and private dining and increase your restaurant’s profit margin!