What to Look for in a Venue When Planning an Event


There are so many things that are incorporated in the details and planning process to create a memorable event. This is no different for one of the biggest parts of the planning process: selecting your venue.

The venue is what will tie all of the components of the event together, and finding the right venue contributes to making the planning process more seamless, ensuring your event is a success. What are the must-look-for things to keep in mind and consider? What venue requirements should be on your list of must-haves for an event? Read on for our tips:

First thing’s first: budget

Prior to booking your venue, it’s a great first step to outline a budget for your event, specifically for what you would prefer to spend on the venue itself. This is a great foundation to help you in your venue selections. Venues will have different offerings, pricing, and variables that you will want to consider, and see how they will fit into your budget. If you are comfortable extending your budget as well, keep this in mind as you begin to conduct your venue search both online and even in person as you start to work with these vendors!

Location, location, location

Is this venue within close proximity to accommodations if my guests need it? What is the parking availability? Does it need to be within a walking distance of public transportation? Is there privacy with the venue or is it a shared public space? Questions like these are great to think about because the location of the venue will contribute to how the overall logistics of your event will come together. Location, transportation to/from, and seamless accessibility for guests will benefit from bringing your details together seamlessly right from the start.

Know your guest list 

Confirm what catering services are offered with the venue, or with vendor partners, and how they are built into the overall budget of your event. Additionally, know your guest count, in particular, how many guests you anticipate attending the event. Choosing a venue that cannot accommodate your anticipated guest count could lead to challenges later in the planning process.

What will you remember most about your event?

What will people remember about your event? What will be the wow factor? The venue can create that factor on its own, making your event stand out from others. The venue can also be the vehicle to bring in and have the capacity for “wow” factors (such as entertainment, food, decor, or lighting) to be incorporated into your event. 

Compare and consider alternative venues

Especially in the world of weddings and social events, there’s so much excitement the moment you start the planning process. That being said, never rush into a decision such as a venue site selection that will be such a big portion of your event day. Even if you fall in love with the first venue you see, the planning process is an experience in and of itself. Never forget to have fun along the way. Enjoy touring, viewing, and comparing different venues to see what they offer. 

Now that you know what to look for, use the top event directory sites

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