What is the Next Wave in Event Technology?


Event technology has certainly transformed and improved how restaurants, hotels, unique event venues, and catering companies run their business. The right tech can make planning easier, improve operational efficiency, increase engagement, and ultimately maximize your business’ revenue. Sounds good, right?

With current challenges, including an inflated economy and lack of staffing, never has it been more important for you to leverage innovative hi-tech solutions to improve the customer experience and make things more efficient for your team. Tech solutions can be customer-facing, back-of-the-house, software, devices, and hardware. Without further ado, we’ve rounded up the top event industry technology trends in the event business. 

Self-service tech

TripleseatDirect provides a seamless experience to book and pay for in-house private events.

Consumer-facing technology has certainly put the power in customers’ hands. According to NICE’s 2022 Digital-First Customer Experience Report, 81% of consumers expect more self-service options. 

For events, private dining, and catering, customer portal software is vital to delivering easy ways for customers to help themselves: to learn about your venue and services, view calendars and menus, sign contracts, book events, pay invoices, and more event-related tasks. 

If your restaurant, hotel, unique venue, or catering business isn’t using the TripleseatDirect feature yet, take a look at how it empowers your event and catering clients. It’s the only tech of its kind that allows your clients to seamlessly book and pay for in-house private events or pick-up and delivery catering with a few clicks from your website, social media accounts, or EventUp listing. From choosing a date and time to a location, whether onsite or offsite, selecting a menu, and authorizing their credit card for payment, the TripleseatDirect form allows your customers to build their event or catering order independently and 100 percent online. 

Livestreaming and virtual event tech

The next top tech trend we’ve continued to see is live streaming. This high-demand technology is booming as people gather for corporate events or social parties. It uses live video for remote event attendance primarily. But it is important to recognize that this tech can also be used for marketing opportunities like showcasing your space or your food. 

Virtual event tech continues to grow and includes features like Q&A, polling, live chat, and gamification. Depending on your customer demographics and event needs, incorporating virtual event tech alongside your in-person events may result in more leads and bookings. 

QR codes

Tripleseat provides QR code payments to make the payment process easier for events.

QR codes are a huge tech trend that is not going away anytime soon. Using them has huge benefits for both you and your customers. First, it creates a frictionless way for customers to both learn more about your business and to take action do everything from viewing menus to ordering food to payments to hotel check-ins. 

Second, QR codes also help you grow your customer database and improve your marketing efforts. Drive customers to your current campaigns and initiatives by creating different codes for loyalty programs or lead-generating initiatives.


Robotics is a tech trend that is finding its way into various areas of the event industry. Robots can transport and set up equipment, check in guests, and assist with technical tasks, which definitely can help with a lack of staffing. We are seeing robotic tech at restaurants and private dining, hotel events, and catered parties to automate repetitive tasks and improve the guest experience. Think about creative ways to use this technology. Robotic bartenders are such a fun example!

Augmented and virtual reality 

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are popping up at social and corporate events. They can be used in many different ways to integrate both virtual and real-world experiences. They can be used before, during, and after any event. 

TTo put it simply, AR is a hi-tech filter commonly used with smartphone apps to allow your guests to see your space but with an image, sound, or effect on top of it. You might use it to provide virtual reality tours and floor plans on your website. 

VR is more immersive and uses a headset and controller system. VR can be used for interactive computer-generated event spaces and games that make the user feel they are immersed in amazing surroundings. Talk about making your events more experiential.

Tech data

Tripleseat Advanced Reporting provides your venue with robust reporting tools.

Data and reporting are not new, but today’s software is tracking more complex metrics. It is so important to look at the software products you’re already using to use the data that you have. Leverage the powerful information included with your event management software, reservation software, inventory tools, accounting software, and marketing tools. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge at your fingertips to improve things, including the service you provide to event planners and guests, time and operations management, team management, marketing initiatives, and revenue.

Did you know that Tripleseat has just released an even more robust reporting feature called Tripleseat Advanced Reporting? Now you have extensive reporting capabilities for all your events. Learn more about it.

Tripleseat has the tech you need to grow your hospitality business

Technology is always evolving, and it is thrilling to see the solutions helping the event industry. Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, unique venue, or hotel, it is wise to consider high-tech solutions to help grow your business. Start today by scheduling a Tripleseat demo to take a closer look at our event management features.

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