What is Omnichannel and How Can the Hospitality Industry Profit From It?


The latest buzzword to hit the hospitality industry is omnichannel, and I’m not mad about it. 2020 handed us some bleak axioms like unprecedented and new normal, and I couldn’t be happier to replace those with something much more positive. Finally, we have a trend that is sure to reap some serious ROI for hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes.

But, what does omnichannel mean exactly? And how can your business benefit from it? Read on to find out. 

What is omnichannel sales?

The best example I have for a successful omnichannel sales strategy is the titan of basically all sales and marketing strategies: Amazon. Let’s take Amazon’s mission statement to start, “Earth’s most customer-centric company.” To be the most customer-centric company humankind has ever known, you not only have to know your customers inside and out, but you have to be where your customers are at all times. One unified channel used to store customer data and integrate each point of sale — the ideal omnichannel.

This sales and marketing strategy aligns perfectly with the path the hospitality industry is currently on. According to a recent study done by AGC Partners, consumers have radically adjusted how they select, engage, and interact with restaurants, given the impact of quarantines and work from home mandates. As a result, our expectations as consumers have changed. Now, more than ever, we look for a personalized and intuitive experience when interacting with a restaurant, hotel, or unique venue in any way. 

Omnichannel sales and the hospitality industry

Just like you can log into Amazon.com and order new furniture, listen to music, and go grocery shopping all at once, the thought behind omnichannel sales in the hospitality industry is that you can go online and purchase takeout, order catering for an event taking place in your backyard, and book a private event inside the four walls of a restaurant all from one place. Whatsmore you can move the conversation to email or the phone without any friction. The sales team at the venue has all of your information and knows exactly who you are and what you want. This is customer-centric hospitality at its best. 

Omnichannel sales with TripleseatDirect 

OK, so it sounds like a lot, right? How could you possibly make all of that happen without spending all of your time mastering software after software and making sure they each integrate seamlessly? I mean, your business isn’t Amazon, and you probably don’t have billions of dollars to spend on curating a system that does it all. Well, good news, because Tripleseat has built the exact software you need to make it all happen in one omnichannel sales and marketing package.

TripleseatDirect is our newest baby — born out of experience and necessity. We’ve spent the last year watching and listening to the hospitality industry, wondering what we could do to help lift it back up. Finally, we realized an obvious hole in hospitality technology — one that Tripleseat could work towards filling. There are, of course, other software tools on the market today that claim to do what TripleseatDirect does, but no one else does it precisely as we do.

Not only does TripleseatDirect give you all of the functionality that our core product does, but it also offers you a seamless way to start, grow, and profit from off-premise events and pick up or delivery catering. One omnichannel where your clients can book, plan, and pay for on-premise private events, off-premise catering, and so much more directly from your website, your social media accounts, and your EventUp venue listing. Even more exciting is that TripleseatDirect will never charge you a fee or commissions for your bookings. Your data, bookings, and catering orders are yours, and only yours — and that’s the way it will stay with TripleseatDirect.

Let’s go back to how Amazon utilizes an omnichannel strategy. Their focus isn’t only on unifying the channels to which their customers shop; it’s also on personalizing those channels using their customers’ data. TripleseatDirect does the same for hospitality businesses. 

Our reporting capabilities are as good, if not better than any CRM platform you could purchase. All of your customers’ data, including past reservations, likes, dislikes, etc., are all stored within TripleseatDirect. You can use this data to send out personalized and targeted email marketing campaigns. Or to simply reach out and see how they’re doing. All of your data, all of your catering orders, all of your private event bookings, all of your past conversations with customers, all in one place. 

Get started today

It’s finally the future. We waited a long time for 2021, and now that it’s here and we’re beginning to enter the light, it’s time to adjust your business plan accordingly. Omnichannel is the new new-normal of the hospitality industry, and TripleseatDirect is your ticket to its profits.

Learn more about TriplseatDirect and book a demo at tripleseat.com/tsdirect.