Wait, I thought You Were From Boston


Rest assured people, Tripleseat is based in Boston, BUT the real magic happens in Omaha. Yup, Omaha. Tripleseat is really a partnership in both business and vision with Dusty Davidson and Kevin Zink Founders of a web design development company in Omaha called Brightmix. Now before you start into your Omaha jokes, you should read the what the Wall Street Journal had to say about this town. (Personally I do not know how you live in a town without professional sports.)

What is really interesting is how Kevin and Dusty are really changing the rules of the game with their philosophy about what good software should be.  I also share in this philosophy and I strongly believe the users of Tripleseat will see how focusing on the user, keeping it simple, and not packing feature after feature into a application will make for an incredible experience and a very valuable application.

To understand more about Brightmix, feast your eyes on this video. (Yes, yes, they are young, but their wisdom exceeds their years.)

Dusty Davidson – BrightMix from BrightMix on Vimeo.