Two Chicks Three Seats Roundup: Top 4 Episodes of 2021 Thus Far


We are almost halfway through the year 2021, and so much has happened across the hospitality industry. There have been many COVID-related updates, interesting news stories, and memorable trends that have emerged as the industry has continued to adapt to the changes from the pandemic.

On Tripleseat’s podcast Two Chicks, Three Seats, my co-host Kate Kennedy and I have discussed many of these topics to keep our listeners informed on all industry updates. Take a look at some of the top episodes that we have recorded so far in 2021.

Episode 32: Email Marketing Tips to Set Your Restaurant or Venue Up for Success in 2021

Brushing up on your marketing skills is something that can be beneficial no matter what the circumstances may be in the industry. In this episode, we discuss how exactly your restaurant or venue can use email marketing to the best of its ability. Communication has been key over the past year as venues have had to clearly express what they have been doing during the pandemic. This episode shares all the important marketing tips when it comes to gathering email addresses, segmenting lists, creating email content, and more.

Episode 39: Minimonies vs Microweddings, Events at the United States National Arboretum, and 2021 Weddings & Trends with Natalie Thomas, Founder & Events Director at MTG Hospitality

A positive trend that has come out of the pandemic is the increase in smaller and more intimate micro-weddings. That is why we decided to talk to someone who has fully embraced this trend and made it absolutely beautiful. Natalie Thomas, Founder and Events Director at MTG Hospitality, created wonderful microwedding and minimony packages for couples saying “I do,” at the National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. Check out the episode to hear all about her experience creating packages, working with her vendor partners, and using marketing to show it all.

Episode 40: The Past, Present, and Future of the NYC Hospitality Scene with Andrew Rigie, Executive Director at the New York City Hospitality Alliance

If you want to hear from someone who has been a real advocate for restaurants in the hospitality industry before and during the pandemic, then Andrew Rigie, Executive Director at the New York City Hospitality Alliance, is your person. Rigie has advocated for many causes to help take some of the financial pressure off of restaurants during an already challenging financial crisis, which he discusses with us in this episode. Rigie continues to work closely with the Hospitality Alliance to do what he can to help restaurants succeed and get back on their feet.

Episode 46: Eleven Madison Park Going Vegan, Bills on Third-Party Delivery, Making Takeout Materials Sustainable, and More on Hospitality Industry News

In the most recent episode of Two Chicks, Three Seats, Kate and I discuss some of the currently trending news stories that are impacting the hospitality industry. From three-Michelin-star restaurant Eleven Madison Park announcing its move to a 100% plant-based menu, to Washington, D.C. restaurant Oyster Oyster sharing tips on creating sustainable takeout materials, this episode will keep listeners informed on trending stories when they have a free moment from event planning!

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