Two Chicks, Three Seats Roundup: The Latest Industry News Stories


On Tripleseat’s podcast, Two Chicks, Three Seats, my co-host Kate Kennedy and I enjoy discussing all things related to the hospitality industry. This includes trends, marketing tips, event planning stories, interviews, and of course, trending news stories. There have been so many changes in the industry within recent months as COVID restrictions have slowed down across the country. This means there is much more talk in the industry news about planning events and predicting trends, opposed to 100 percent coronavirus talk.

We know hospitality and event professionals have been busy preparing for the upcoming surge of events, so we want to give you all the trending news stories in one place from the Two Chicks, Three Seats podcast! Check out the trending stories in our four most recent episodes below.

Episode 48: Proof of Vaccination at Events, Tips for Getting Back into Events, and Catering Trends

As the country reopens and gets back into in-person events for the first time in over a year, there are many things to think about. Are vaccine cards going to be required at events? What if we are short-staffed due to the hospitality industry’s labor struggles right now? How can we get back into events then? We give insight into what is being said about all of these topics and more in Episode 48.

Episode 47: Attracting Generation Z as Employees in the Hospitality Industry

Restaurants have been rehiring staff over the past few months to prepare for the surge in reopening that we have been seeing. The problem is, all restaurants are in the same position, making the number of jobs available high but the number of workers available to work low. This is part of the reason that your restaurant should consider hiring Generation Z as part of your staff. Gen Z brings a bright, fresh, and trendy energy to a work environment that could be beneficial in ways you did not even realize. Take a listen to Episode 47 to learn more about Gen Z, what motivates them, why they would bring talent to your team, and how your restaurant can attract this age group.

Episode 46: Eleven Madison Park Going Vegan, Bills on Third-Party Delivery Services, Making Takeout Materials Sustainable, and More in Hospitality Industry News

Sometimes news in the industry is interesting and surprising to all, like three-Michelin-star restaurant Eleven Madison Park announcing a 100 percent plant-based menu coming this month. It is fascinating to see how restaurants choose to operate and the changes they make due to what has happened over the past year. On Episode 46, we also discuss how a certain Washington, D.C., restaurant chose to create completely sustainable takeout materials, the talks of a bill on third-party delivery services in Chicago, and more.

Episode 45: The Latest Hospitality Industry News and Trends

If the episode is titled to mention trends and news stories, it is a good one! Interested in event trends for the summer? How about a new plan-it-yourself event service concept for events at home that was recently introduced? Episode 45 covers interesting trends and news stories that you could have missed, but are still relevant today. Take a listen to hear for yourself!

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