Two Chicks, Three Seats Episode 79: Creating A Memorable Nonprofit Event Experience with Joey Goone, President of Utopia Experience

Joey Goone, President of Utopia Experience

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life as an event professional. In this industry, you are working in the present and the future 24/7 in order to plan and execute numerous events all at one time, ultimately bringing in revenue for your venue.

But when it the last time you really took a moment to think about the “why” behind the events you create? Have you been truly thinking about the impact the event has on attendees? We want to bring this thought process back to the forefront and take a look at how you can intentionally create events that have the most memorable impact on attendees.

On the latest episode of Tripleseat’s podcast Two Chicks, Three Seats, my co-host Kate Kennedy and I are joined by Joey Goone, President of Utopia Experience, for a thought-provoking events industry discussion. Utopia Experience is an event and video production company that helps both for and nonprofit organizations produce better and more meaningful experiences.

In the episode, Goone gives insights into a variety of topics, including finding the intention behind event experiences, using videos within events, creating a genuine sense of community at events, facilitating giveback initiatives within events without being a nonprofit, knowing your superpower as a business, and so much more. Get ready to put your thinking cap on to reflect on the messages shared and how they can be applied to your career and business.

Once you listen to the episode, check out Utopia Experience for your event production needs and hear more from Joey on his podcast, The Impact Roadmap.

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