Two Chicks, Three Seats Episode 5: Resources, Tips, and More


As we continue to bring new content via blog posts, social media, and Zoom Social Hours, we also have new updates on the podcast front. Tripleseat’s podcast, Two Chicks, Three Seats: The Event Manager’s Guide to Industry Trends has released a new episode!

Episode 5: Resources, tips, and actions event professionals can take to better themselves professionally during COVID-19 downtime is now available on Spotify, Apple, and the other platforms listed below.

In this week’s episode, Kate Kennedy and I discuss what event professionals can do right now to better themselves and their venues during the downtime caused by COVID-19. We share our top educational resource recommendations from books to podcasts, webinars, Facebook Groups, websites and more, along with other tips and ideas for social media. Take advantage of the extra time you may have now by using these resources to better yourself for the future.

You can also listen to this episode and our previous episodes on any of these platforms:

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The whole hospitality industry is in a tough time right now, but we are coming together to support one another until the storm passes. As people hunker down in their homes for the next indefinite period of time, look at these ideas for inspiration to bring joy to your loyal customers and provide work for your employees. To stay up to date on our latest recommendations for event professionals during this time, click here for our latest blog posts.