Two Chicks, Three Seats Episode 22: Why Offering a Catering Service Will Be Important This Holiday Season


The past six months have forced restaurants to pivot their standard models in order to reach customers in new ways. This holiday season may be no different, and it’s time for restaurants to consider how off-site catering can be a key revenue stream during the usually busy holiday events season.

Don’t wait until the late fall to promote catering, but start with promoting Thanksgiving packages and then work your way into Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s, and other seasons or occasions. to show customers you are ready to accommodate all of their holiday needs this year.

On this week’s episode of Tripleseat’s podcast Two Chicks, Three Seats, Senior Communication and Product Marketing Manager Kate Kennedy and I discuss the importance of restaurants offering off-site catering service this holiday season, ideas for how to put together creative packages, and how Tripleseat can help manage all catering needs.

Customers are still going to want to celebrate the holiday season with family and friends, so if they can’t do that physically at your restaurant, then make sure you can bring the restaurant to their small gathering in the form of off-site catering!

Tell us about your catering packages

As a restaurant, what kind of holiday catering packages do you plan to offer this year? And as a consumer, what holiday packages would you love to see? Share your ideas and plans this holiday season by sending us an email at