Two Chicks, Three Seats Episode 10: Restaurants Reopening with Tripleseat’s Nikki Perry


As time continues to pass, the discussions about restaurants reopening (and exactly how) progress. That is why this week on Tripleseat’s Two Chicks, Three Seats podcast, Kate and I invite another event professional to give insight on the reopening process.

On this week’s episode, we discuss reopening in the restaurant industry with special guest and hospitality professional Nikki Perry, who is on the Tripleseat product team. She works at a restaurant in Massachusetts and provides great insight into how her restaurant, Dillon’s Local, is handling COVID-19. Tune in to hear about Nikki’s career path in hospitality, what we know for reopening in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and other tips for event professionals.

Episode 10: Restaurants Reopening with guest, Tripleseat’s Nikki Perry is now live on Apple, Spotify, and the other platforms listed below.

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