Tripleseat’s Top 10 Blog Posts for Event Planners in 2017


This year on the Tripleseat blog, we published posts about all kinds of topics – from event planning tips to marketing to trends and more –  to help event planners be more successful

When we reviewed our 2017 posts, it quickly became clear. Our blog readers had three goals this year: create a better, faster BEO; grow their event bookings; and keep on top of the latest Tripleseat updates.

With that in mind, here’s a handy list of the top 10 posts published on the Tripleseat blog in 2017 so you can take a look at what helped our readers achieve success this year.

1. How To Create a Banquet Event Order Template

This post was clearly the winner this year because it’s a resource that every event manager needs to save time: three free Banquet Event Order templates. Anyone can download the templates and fill in them in manually, but Tripleseat customers who use them with our software can complete them in 15 seconds.

2. How to Market Your Venue to Corporate Event Planners 

Attracting corporate clients to your venue is a no-brainer. Corporate events – from small private meals to networking parties to conferences – can make a big difference on your bottom line. This post shares five tips on how to catch the attention of businesses and corporate event planners.

3. 12 New Tripleseat Features Updates For Our Friends

Our customers love to hear about new Tripleseat features, and this post hit the jackpot! At the end of July, we shared a huge list of recent updates, including European dates, signatures in discussion emails, the multi event editor, prioritizing tasks, mass complete tasks, merge field for contact type, enhancements to the daily digest, adding a new event to the same booking, consecutive invoice number, F&B minimum on the billing widget, customized payment types, and adding the Dominican peso and Canadian dollar to your currency.

4. Tripleseat Banquet Event Order Samples

This post was another chance for readers to learn about and download our free BEO templates.

5. What Corporate Event Planners Want From Your Venue

We held a panel at our first EventCamp conference this year that included four corporate event planners who shared their insider tips on what they’re looking for in a venue. This post includes the video of the EventCamp session.

6. Food & Beverage Minimum Billing Widget Update 

This update allows event managers to easily show the remaining food and beverage minimum on any Tripleseat document.

7. Just Released: Multi Events Editor, Redesign on the Lead Form and Mass Complete Tasks

Learn more about the multi events editor, redesigned lead form, and mass complete tasks in this post, which includes how-to information, screenshots, and a video.

8. The Holiday Season Starts Now!

Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been talking about the holidays forever? This post was published Sept. 1 because holiday planning starts earlier and earlier every year. If you followed the tips we shared about marketing your venue when holiday parties are on the minds of planners, you got a head start on the competition to fill all of your end-of-year bookings.

9. Top 10 Tips to Achieve More Bookings in 2017

You need to work hard to attract leads and increase your bookings. This post helped event planners get started with our top tips to grow their business in the new year.

10. Check Out These Three New Tripleseat Features!

Tripleseat just kept getting better and better in 2017. In September, we added alerts and notifications, discussion previews, and event history on leads to help event managers streamline the planning process.

Get ready for 2018!

If you missed these top posts of the year, take some time to review them and apply them to your event management before the next busy season. Tripleseat users can log in and get familiar with all of the new features we released in 2017. If you’re not yet a Tripleseat customer, try us out! Schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look.