Major Update To Tripleseat Coming


Over the past 3 years, thousands of people across every imaginable style of venue have used Tripleseat to manage over $300 million in event bookings. In total, they’ve created over 500,000 leads, contacts and BEO/Documents.

What started as a simple tool to manage events in 2008 has become one of the most popular web-based event management and sales app. With a 99% renewal rate our customers told us that they’d recommend Tripleseat to a friend,colleague, or co-worker.

TheTripleseat business has really taken off.

But too much good news can be a formula for complacency. And we don’t want that for Tripleseat.

In early 2012, Tripleseat will introduce a major update to the Bookings and BEO/Documents and it will revolutionize the way event managers collaborate with guests…… again.

In the next coming weeks we will be posting on our Blog all the new updates to Tripleseat to prepare you for the release slated for early January 2012. Please take the time to review the postings and get familiar with the update.