Tripleseat Upgrade: Tutorials, Better Activity History, Dashboard Booking Sorting, and More


The details on the latest rollout:

Customizable Booking Listing on Homepage

Now you can change the default sorting direction and filter by an owner or manager on your Home tab’s “Bookings occurring this week” list.

Fancy, Yet Educational Tutorials

Our marketing master Dusty has created a number of support and introductory tutorials to help everyone understand how to use Tripleseat better.

You can find tutorials under each tab inside of Tripleseat (Bookings, Contacts, Reports, etc.) in the sidebar.

If you just recently had your account created in Tripleseat, you will see the tutorials open upon entering a tab for the first time.

Additionally, for existing customers, any new or additional staff you add to Tripleseat will be presented with the tutorials upon their first time entering the site. Hopefully, this will help in getting new staffers up-to-speed on using Tripleseat so you don’t have to!

Better Activity History

Now, when you are on the Home tab or viewing an account, contact, or booking, you will see a more fully-feature activity history section at the bottom of the page. You can easily page all the way back to the first activities recorded.

Additionally, click the see “see all” link to further filter down the activity list by user or by activity type. (Now it will be easier to track down who did what and hold them accountable!)

Additional Interesting Changes:

  • Bookings sorting order can now be changed on the Home Tab
  • Tasks can now be filtered by assignee under the Tasks Tab
  • Task notification emails can now be turned off under Settings -> Preferences
  • Added more customizable tab names for Facebook Lead Forms

That’s all for this release – Questions, comments, or otherwise please contact technical support or submit a help ticket in the system!