Tripleseat Upgrade: Enhanced User Roles, Bookings/Leads Tabs, Lead Forms, and More


Tripleseat upgrade time! Here are the highlights:

Improved User Roles

We’ve made several adjustments to the User Roles system that was released last month.

First off, we have added a role called Customer Admin which is the most privileged role you can assign. Customer Admins can access everything in Tripleseat: site settings, bookings, accounts, contacts, etc.

Next, we’ve added the ability to assign a user a different role for different location group. In short, this a user can have admin access at one location but not another location if desired.

Both of the above role selections can be found in the Settings -> Users area on a user-by-user basis.

Lastly, you can now limit access to specific settings areas for a given role. This will allow you to give some users access to specific site settings but not all of them (i.e., just SmartDoc Picklists).

Revamped Bookings Tab

We’ve updated the Bookings Tab to use the same look and feel and behavior as the Calendar Tab. You will now see the filters are along the top of the page instead of the sidebar. Additionally, the Bookings Tab will remember what filters you had applied last time you viewed the page.

If you want to view bookings by a date range, change the left-most filter to “Date Range” and then use magical date range picker tool to select the appropriate date range. Shazam!

Updated Leads Tab

As with the Bookings Tab, we’ve updated the Leads Tab to follow suit. The page filters have also been moved from the sidebar to the top of the page. You can now filter by submitted date and location.

To boot, we’ve added a few more ways to view lead information. You can now filter by leads unconverted, converted to contacts or bookings, or by deleted.

We also added a quick lead “Export” to the page, so you can quickly drop whatever leads you are looking at to Excel.

New Lead Form Customizations

Several changes have been made to Lead Forms. First, the form’s title can now be customized. Previously, it was always stuck as “Private Dining Request.”

Next, you can now turn on a “Contact Preference” field. This asks your interested parties how they would prefer to be contacted: by phone or email.

This field ends up looking like this on the actual form:

Lastly, you can now toggle which fields are required to be filled out (Name, email, phone, etc.)

All of these customizations can be found under Settings -> Lead Forms when editing a form.

Misc Updates

  • Added booking managers merge field to Smartdocs
  • Added owner field to new account, contacts, bookings forms – previously only showed when editing
  • Fixed the managers selection interface on bookings, accounts, contacts to be nicer looking
  • System no longer sends email to non-active users
  • Added ability to group Lead Conversion report by Lead Source
  • Fixed smartdoc listing inside of the bookings popup from being inaccessible
  • Added cool new time selector on the booking edit/create form
  • Booking copy now copies over the start and end times

That’s all for this release – Questions, comments, or otherwise please contact technical support or submit a help ticket in the system!