Tripleseat Upgrade: Enhanced Merging for Accounts, Contacts, and Leads; Internal Lead Creation; New Support Site; and More

Wham, Bam, thank you Ma’am! Today we released another set of fixes, improvements, and a few new features. Details as follows:

Merging for Accounts and Contacts – integrates with existing Lead Conversion process

First up, we’ve added in the ability to merge accounts with other accounts and contacts with other contacts on the same account. To see how this works, find an account or contact and you will see a Merge this Account button in the sidebar next to the Edit this Account button. If you click on this button, you will be presented with an easy-to-use merge wizard that will guide you through the rest of the process.

To boot, the new merging process is also integrated into the Lead Conversion process to help avoid creating duplicate contacts.

New Support Site

Next, in our never-ending quest to stay connected with our customers, we’ve moved to a newer, better support site. The new site can be easily found when logged into your Tripleseat account by clicking on the “Help” or “Feedback/Question” links in the top right of the screen.

Alternatively, you can visit the site directly at

Customizable Dropdown Options for Lead Sources and Booking Types

A much requested feature, we’ve added the ability to add your own Lead Sources and Booking Event Types. Check it out in Site Settings -> Preferences. From there, you will see the section for customizing the dropdowns. Simply add, delete, or change them to your liking.

Any custom dropdown options can also be used to group and sort Booking Details Report and Lead Details Report under the Reports tab!

Internal Lead Creation

What does this mean? Now, you can create leads directly inside of Tripleseat without having to leave the system and use a SmartLead Form.

Simply go to the Leads tab and click the New Lead button in the sidebar. From there, you can fill out the same information you normally collect on your SmartLead forms.

Ability to Copy SmartDocs with a Booking

Now, when you copy a booking, you will be presented with an option to copy all the SmartDocs associated with that booking.

New Lead Notification on Home Tab

On the Home tab, if a new lead is created or submitted on your site, it will now show up in a special section under the Home tab, aptly dubbed “New Leads.”

Once a lead has been viewed in the system, meaning someone has clicked on it, it will disappear from the Home tab, but it will show up under the Leads tab, per usual.

Additional Changes

The following are additional changes that went into this release:

  • Ability to pick a font for SmartDoc Views
  • Major graphical improvement of the login page
  • Major graphical improvement of all Emails that the system sends out
  • Added “All” lead status filtering option to the Lead Details Report
  • Added booking status filtering option to the Lead Details Report
  • Added ability for the billing widget to tabulate negative category totals
  • Ability to see all closed tasks associated with an account, contact, lead, or booking

That’s all for this week – Questions, comments, or otherwise please contact technical support or submit a help ticket in the system!