Tripleseat Shares Meatless Menu Options Trending in Restaurants and Unique Venues


As more meatless options become popular throughout the hospitality scene, Tripleseat, the leading web-based sales and event management platform, today released three popular menu options trending this holiday season as restaurants prepare for dinner parties. 

According to Tripleseat customers throughout the country, there has been an increase in guests requesting a variety of plant-based or meatless fixings this year, with many new plant-based options being offered. Lime Venue Portfolio recently released research on how event buyers are more inclined to offer plant-based menus as they become more common and popular among guests. Another recent study conducted by the Center for Biological Diversity found that offering earth-friendly catering that focuses on low-carbon, plant-based choices can save wildlife habitat and decrease climate pollution. 

Some trends the industry is seeing include: 

1. To Infinity & Beyond…MEATS

Menus are accommodating dietary preferences and identities, as well as taking various cultures into consideration, and even creating entire vegan menus.

Restaurants are serving plant-based burgers, with either Impossible Foods or Beyond Meats. 

2. JACK of all trades

Due to its unusual texture, jackfruit is particularly interesting for creating meat substitutes, typically used for taco dishes.

3. Smell something fishy? 

Weird, you shouldn’t … Restaurants across the coast, including seafood restaurants, are accommodating vegans and vegetarians by offering fried avocado or eggplant parm dishes to replace meat and/or fish. 

“Restaurants and event planners are constantly improving and innovating to provide guests with what they want, and by focusing on greener menus that appease many diets, they’re able to appeal to more customers,” said Jonathan Morse, CEO and Founder. “We can anticipate more meatless menu trends in 2020 as chefs experiment with additional foods to replace animal products.”If interested in learning more about Tripleseat, please visit: