Tripleseat Omaha Meetup


Every couple of months, we like to get the entire Tripleseat gang together for some face-time, strategy and general good fun. It’s an excellent opportunity for our typically “remote” team to get to know each other, and allows us to bunker down and chat all things Tripleseat for a couple of days.

Last month it was time for the boys to travel to Omaha. It makes sense, as with the recent investment it gave everyone a chance to meet Mark, and to check out the Omaha office for the first time.

Of course, no company get together would be complete without some good old fashioned fun, so on their last night here we hosted a little Tripleseat party, and invited our Omaha friends out for some pool and excitement at the always exciting Upstream Brewery.

Looking forward to the next company outing, hopefully somewhere a little warmer next time? Maybe we’ll crash Brian’s party at the Tripleseat office in the Caribbean. Stay tuned!

For all the photos from Upstream, and for other fun photos of the Tripleseat office and crew, check out the Tripleseat photos on Flickr!