Tripleseat Lead Capturing is Here


Capture private dining leads directly from your website

Happy New Year to everyone. All of us at Tripleseat have been busy tolling away at our computers putting the final touches on our web lead capturing development. I am positive that what we developed will be HUGE, a real game changer for restaurants. So, what exactly am I talking about? Let me explain:

The Problem:
Potential private party customers are required to either e-mail or call the restaurant to book a private party room. If the event planner is not at the restaurant or is too busy to take the call then the customer needs to leave their information for a call back (commonly referred to as a lead). More than people like to admit, the lead is either lost or the information is inaccurate making it impossible to call the customer back resulting in lost business. The same scenario is played out if the customer sends a e-mail. Sometimes the e-mail goes into a spam folder or is “lost” in the hundreds of other e-mails. Whatever happens, the results are the same; lost revenue and the inability to track leads from beginning to the end of the sales cycle.

The Solution:
Use your already existing website to “capture” the lead and be able to track all leads that come from your website. With the Tripleseat simple lead integration link to your website, your customers can enter their vital information like name, date of event, number of people, phone and e-mail address. That information will be sent automatically into Tripleseat in real time as a lead. Once in Tripleseat you or any members of your staff, will be sent a e-mail alerting you that you have a lead waiting for you in Tripleseat.

Did you turn that lead into a booking? Great, with one click of the mouse you can “convert” the lead into a booking/account/contact within Tripleseat. No double entry.
The Results:
No more losing leads, respond to leads in seconds not hours or days, put your website to work by giving your customers the ability to request a private room anytime from anywhere. You will increase sales, reduce the time it takes to create a booking, track all your leads, grow your database, and blow your competition away.

The Tripleseat lead capturing ability is not a free upgrade but a separate module. We will be charging an additional $120 per restaurant/per year for this product. For a limited time we are offering the lead module at no charge for 6 months for customers who are interested in being beta customers. If you are interested, please give me a call at 978-853-4342 and we will get you set-up (takes less than 10 minutes)

Take advantage of this great offer and give me a call, you will be blown away, I promise