Tripleseat Facts


I should not be surprised that our competition is out there talking gibberish about Tripleseat. When you are desperate, you will do desperate things. So, here are some interesting facts about Tripleseat that can be supported.

Tripleseat Facts:

When I started Tripleseat in 2008 it was to help Event Managers do their job better and faster. I used to be an Event Manager, myself, in Boston for Starwood Hotels and I know first hand what a huge pain in the neck it is to make BEO’s, Contracts and Proposal. I know what it is like to be in your office late at night, making change after change to those BEO’s and trying to communicate those to everyone. On top of it all, I also know the pressure to keep booking new business and making outrageous sales quota (can you say 100% increase every year?)

My goal was to make Tripleseat the software that helped make the bad man go away and making the software dead simple to use. Fast forward six short years and I could not have imagined where Tripleseat is at. As of this writing, Tripleseat has well over 900 venues like Restaurants, Hotels, Go-Carts (yup go carts), Baseball Stadiums, Ping-Pong venues, Wedding venues, Boats, Karaoke venues, Nightclubs and Casinos. Tripleseat has 6,000 plus Event Manager, Chefs, General Managers and Owners using the software in 13 Countries

Facts (in no particular order)

  • Tripleseat has 6,000 plus users and 900 venues in the U.S., Canada, Australia and United Emirates
  • Built on Ruby on Rails which is a very stable and flexible platform allowing for easy updates and changes to the software
  • The first pure web application that requires no hardware or software to use.
  • In six years has had one hour of downtime. That is a 99.9999% up times in 6 years!
  • Support calls on average are resolved in less then 10 minutes
  • 98.8% of the users polled said that would recommend Tripleseat
  • 99% renewal rate over the last six years
  • 500,000 plus leads delivered
  • 8500,000 Bookings managed
  • 1.1 Million Contacts created
  • 700,000 Documents created
  • 400,000 Shared “Discussions” created
  • $3 Million in Credit Card charges processed
  • 9 out of 13 Tripleseat employees have a restaurant and/or hotel experience
  • Average 5 Software Updates per Quarter.

What is Next for Tripleseat

The continued development of Tripleseat is pretty exciting! As a matter of fact, we just hired two Software Developers to work on projects like integrations to other web applications (like SocialTables, MailChimp etc.) and the anticipated ability to create multiple Events under a single Booking.Coming very, very soon.

We are also working on creating a native iPhone app (yeah!) that will help you review leads, bookings, accounts and contacts directly from your phone.

On behalf of Brian, Caroline, Kevin, Ben, Sean, Ken, Latha, Lisa,Katie, Julie, Marcus, Brian B., and myself thank you for being a Tripleseat user.