Tripleseat Enhances Integration with Event Planning Platform Merri


We are pleased to announce some enhancements to our integration with the event planning platform, Merri. For those who are not familiar with Merri, the platform streamlines the entire planning process for all parties involved using 3D visualization, collaboration tools, and personalized workflows so users can translate their vision into reality. 

If you are already using Merri with your Tripleseat account, read on for more information about the exciting new features. If not, check out this detailed Tripleseat University video here to learn more about the integration and how it works within Tripleseat. 

Integration updates

Customers who are integrated with Merri will be thrilled to learn that they are now able to link existing Merri events to Tripleseat, as well as clone previous Merri events that might have similar floor plans. In order to use this function, users will see a new Merri header along with a Create a Floorplan button on the right-hand side of each event as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you select Create a Floorplan in the event details, three options will appear: Create New Event, Link Existing Event, and Clone Existing Event.

When you select Create New Event, a corresponding event will be created in Merri which will allow you to create a new floorplan for an event that has not been created in Merri yet.

The option Link Existing Event will allow you to connect an event that was previously created in Merri and needs to be linked to a Tripleseat event. When this option is selected, a list of created events in Merri will show. You can then choose an event from the list to link it to this Tripleseat event.  From here, the floorplan can be detailed in Merri and it will sync to the Tripleseat event.

Lastly, you can choose Clone Existing Event, which should be used when you have an event with a similar floorplan to an existing event’s floorplan in Merri. When Clone Existing Event is clicked, the list of events in Merri will once again show. The cloned event will open in Merri, with cloned floorplans showing. From here, floorplans can be edited as needed.

More resources

Feel free to reach out to the support team at if you have any questions about this integration. If you would like to learn more about working with Merri, you can request a demo here. Or check out our podcast episode with Randi Bushell, the founder of Merri.