Tripleseat API Now Available


We just recently released an API for Tripleseat. If you’re unfamiliar with what an API is and what it can do: In short, it enables our customers to programmatically interface with Tripleseat via outside programs or databases.

A working example of this would be if you have an internal database of accounts and contacts that you’re maintaining in your business and would like to sync that list with your Tripleseat account. Another example, if you want to sync your events/bookings across two different systems.

Working with our API will require someone of a technical background (programmer, web developer, etc.) to do the implementing. To quickly and easily send your account’s API details to your technical person, simply log into Tripleseat, go to settings -> Tripleseat API, and fill in their email address.

More details on our API can be found here on our support site. Any questions or otherwise, feel free to contact support.