New Tripleseat Updates and New Hotel Features Too!


Who doesn’t love updates? It’s like Christmas in July! Check out our little gift to you this month: new features and integrations.

Before we get into the details, you will notice that some of the updates are specifically for our hotel customers. For those who are not familiar with how hotels book group business, their requirements are different than restaurants or unique venues. For starters, hotels book sleeping rooms as well as event space. Also, hotels typically have multiple events (breakfasts, meetings, breakouts, exhibit space, lunch, dinner, etc.) that last for multiple days.

If you are using Tripleseat for a restaurant, you won’t see the hotel features in your account. We want to keep Tripleseat simple and easy to use like always so we specifically have hidden the features that a restaurant or unique venue, would never use. If you are with a hotel, and you want access to the hotel features, contact Ben Faden, Tripleseat’s US Hotel Sales Manager, at

On to the good stuff! Here’s a look at sitewide updates, hotel releases, and integration partners:

Sitewide Updates

1. Picklist on mobile
The picklist is now even more mobile friendly! Enter the quantity in the document, and if you need to edit an item, discount, or make an adjustment, just tap on the item to access the editing mode.

2. Booking page and booking tab (NEW!)
We made creating a booking much easier. Everyone who has created an event has also been creating a booking at the same time. If you do a lot of business with customers that just hold one event, then you probably have never noticed that a booking was being created too. But if you work with customers that schedule multiple events, creating all of those events can be time-consuming. Our latest updates make that process much more streamlined:

  • New Create Booking button to create a new booking, versus starting at the event
  • Create multiple events easily from the booking level
  • New booking page where you can see all the events related to the booking and the events’ financial details
  • New Bookings tab, which shows all bookings and their events

For more information, watch our booking release video below:

Hotel Specific Releases

1. Guest Room Control (GRC)

  • Guest room allocation and inventory: added new calculations on both the guest room inventory section and allocations of the guest room blocks
    Guest room pickup: every guest room block now has the ability to record the guest room pickup of the contracted room block

2. New meeting room display integrations

Our integrations with Janus Display and Fourwinds Display provide an automatic feed of event information to display screens around the property.

3. Documents
Create documents like group contracts and guest room blocks proposals from the booking directly.

New Integrations

1. Social Tables Integration
Social Tables recently changed their API code and we have patched and fixed the API required for the integration to work properly.

2. AllSeated Integration (NEW!)

Do you have an AllSeated floor plan account?  With our new integration, you can now include an AllSeated floorplan and booking details to your documents. To set up this integration, go to the Settings tab on the left of your account, click the link to Preferences, scroll down to Floor Plan Integrations, and check the box next to AllSeated.

3. API by line items

The Tripleseat API now has the ability for picklists, billing items, and payment information to be available for integrations for any software products for point of sales and business intelligence reporting solutions.

Get started now
If you’re a Tripleseat user, log in and start using these new features. Need help? Contact Tripleseat’s Support team by submitting a request onlinesending an email, or calling our Help Desk at 978-716-2862 between 9 am and 5 pm EST Monday through Friday.

If you’re not a Tripleseat customer and you’re interested in learning more about Tripleseat’s features, schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look.