Tripleseat 2021 Year In Review Fireside Chat


2021 has been quite the year at Tripleseat. Over the past 12 months, we’ve released more than 100 new features and one very exciting new product. To recap it all, we held a webinar this week on the year in review, plus a few sneak peeks at what’s to come in 2022.

This year, I moderated the chat and was joined by Tripleseat’s Vice President of Product, Charles Ralston, and CEO Jonathan Morse. A lot was covered during the conversation, including:

  • The launch of Tripleseat’s latest product, TripleseatDirect which allows users to offer their customers a friction-free way to book in-house private events, full-service catering, pickup catering, and delivery catering all online and all with zero fees or commissions. To learn more about how TripleseatDirect can transform your hospitality business, check out our recent blog posts on the subject
  • New features for TripleseatDirect: We expanded our beloved gratuity selector to work on our direct booking docs so that guests can select a percentage to give to employees. We added per person menu items and packages and a Google Maps integration for delivery radiuses. Also new to TripleseatDirect is the ability for your customers to book directly from your EventUp listing
  • New features for Tripleseat: We reworked our in-app marketplace so that you can now purchase add ons like TripleseatDirect, TARP, and online credit card processing directly from your Tripleseat platform. We also introduced the ability to copy picklists, the addition of inclusive billing details, and autosaved PDFs
  • New features for our hotel product: We made a few document updates, including added pickup numbers to the guest room block table for docs and the option to only show primary events on the multiple events table for docs. We also reworked the document links to display on the events tab within a booking and added the ability to set an F&B minimum on the booking and event levels. 
  • New integrations: Our Merri integration has upped the ante on how our customers can create floorplans, tablescapes, decor setups, and more and add them to their Tripleseat docs. For our hotel customers, we added an integration with mobile cloud PMS StayNTouch.
  • EventUp features: We updated the sync between EventUp and VENUES by Tripleseat. Customers now have a shared form within Tripleseat settings where both listings can be managed at once. When an edit is made, the update happens in real-time on both sites. We also added the ability to preview your EventUp listing from Tripleseat settings. 
  • 2022 feature sneak peeks: Coming up in Q1 of 2022, we’re adding more robust reporting capabilities to our already fantastic report add-on, TARP. For our hotel customers, we are improving how you can create and edit events in a booking, and we’re giving you the ability to include guest room revenue in your sales goals and reporting. We have many upcoming features coming out with our TripleseatDirect product, including the ability to preview menus, extended setup and tear-down times, option to skip menu selections on the direct booking form, and set minimums on catering, among other things. For our core Tripleseat product, we are adding the ability to allow menu selection from the lead form, copying user roles, updates to the event sales goals, a more customizable dashboard, and so much more. 
  • 2022 integration sneak peeks: Our first integration release of 2022 will be our partnership with DoorDash as a third-party delivery service for drop-off orders placed via the TripleseatDirect form. We also have integrations in the pipeline with Square, Webrezpro, Maestro, Autoclerk, Kenect, and Nowsta, to name a few. 

You can watch our recording of the discussion below.

Tripleseat has everything you need to manage events

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