10 Tripleseat Features to Help You Book More Business


Tripleseat has so many useful and cutting edge features that it can be hard to keep track of everything the web application does. Check out this list of awesome features designed to make your life easier and to book more event business:

  1. Print All Your BEO (Banquet Event Orders) At Once-Yup, you can download to a PDF and print all your docs for as many events as you choose. Simply go to Events, set your filters and date range for what you want, then simply hit Export Documents button on the right. You can export it to Excel too.
  2. View All Your Events by Room-Want to see the space you have available by Room? Simply go to the Calendar then select Timeline View on the left hand button. Boom.
  3. Make a Room “Out of Order”-Don’t want a room to be booked on a particular day? No problem. Go to Calendar Month View click on the NOTE and select the ROOM you want out of order and then click the section under the DESCRIPTION to make the room unavailable to book
  4. View Your Guest’s Tripleseat Web Portal-Curious to what your client sees on the Tripleseat Web Portal? Under the EVENT or the LEAD simply click the button on the right that say “Guest Portal” and we will whisk you away to see your client portal.
  5. Love a Report? Save it.-If you find yourself running the same report all the time, you can “save” it. Simply set up the report as you want it and then select the “save” button and give it a name and that’s it. The report will be under the SAVED REPORT section. Easy Peasy
  6. Add a Discount in the Billing Widget-The Tripleseat Billing widget is a powerful tool that can do many things. If you want to do a discount on the Food/Beverage/Any category totals simply click the “add discount” button put in the discount by % or $ and put the discount under what you want discounted and it will apply that discount amount to the total and it be reflected in the Grand Total.
  7. Reorder Picklist Items in the BEO-If you want to change the order of the list of items in your BEO simply click and hold on the little + button on the left of the items and drag it up or down and release the mouse click and it drops to where you want it.
  8. Have any font you want in the VIEW of any Documents (NEW!) -Now you are not stuck with the same old boring fonts. You can now have any font you want on any of the VIEWS of the Documents.
  9. Let the Guest Choose Their Gratuity (NEW!)You can now put in your BEO or Contract a choice the guest can make on what Gratuity they would like to pay directly from the Doc. Once the selection is made, it automatically goes onto the Billing Widget.
  10. Quickly Edit Any Doc By Clicking On It- No need to click on the little gear and then hit edit all you have to do is simply click on the Document name and it will go directly to the Edit page.

That is but a few of our many features that can make your life as an Event Manager easier. If you want to learn more, make sure you join our weekly Tips and Tricks webinar