This Week In Hospitality: Top 5 Stories from May 2020


It’s been quite a month for the hospitality industry. We’ve experienced some ups and unfortunately some downs as well. One thing is for certain, we’re moving forward. But, before we forge forward and into June, check out my top 5 news bits from May’s This Week In Hospitality posts.

1. The problems of PPP

Danny Meyer, Union Square Hospitality Group’s CEO and Chairman of Shake Shack, spoke with SiriusXM Business Radio host Alan Fleischmann of “Leadership Matters” to discuss the latest news on his company choosing to return its $10 million Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan to the U.S. Government. He also offered up his suggestions on how to improve the program. See the video above to watch the full interview.


2. Could socially-distanced pop-up events be part of our new norm?

Looking at the increasingly popular fad of birthday car parades, Alexandra Rembac, principal and creative director for Sterling Engagements, decided that she would take from this trend and create a socially-distanced pop-up event experience. So far they’ve done a front yard graduation event, as well as a prom picture event where high school students could get dressed up and have their photo taken with a prom-themed background. Read more about Rembac’s vision of events in our new normal in this article from BizBash.


3. Useful guide for event professionals and event venues

As the country begins to allow small gatherings and events, it’s important to understand how you can ensure you’re hosting them in the safest manner possible. This is where the Event Safety Alliance comes in. They released a downloadable, free reopening guide that addresses health and sanitary issues that event professionals and venues will need to consider in order to keep their staff and their patrons safe. You can download your own guide here.


4. Staying safely

For those of you that work in the hotel sector, you might be looking for some tactics on reopening safely, and also ways to ensure your guests they’ll be safe when staying with you. Well, we can learn a lot from hotels in Sweden. Unlike most countries, Sweden decided not to evoke strict policies towards hotels and restaurants and instead kept most open. It’s because of this that, as restrictions are lifted in other parts of the world, we can look to Sweden for advice. Check out this recent post from eHotelier that lists out 6 tactics we can learn from hotels in Sweden that remain open during COVID-19.

5. David Chang: “It’s whoever has the most cash that can survive this.”

In Vice’s new online series, “Shelter in Place,” their co-founder recently interviewed David Chang, chef and founder of the Momofuku Restaurant Group, on his outlook of the food industry’s future. Chang’s plea is clear, “There’s a good chance Momofuku may never reopen again, or the restaurant that you love to go to so much in your neighborhood will never reopen again, if we don’t support the supply chain and the purveyors and the farmers and the workers all surrounding it.” It’s a perspective we’re not used to hearing about: what the food industry means to the restaurants you love, and how supporting the food industry could save your favorite restaurant. You can watch the full interview with Chang here.

More resources

The whole hospitality industry is in a tough time right now, but we are coming together to support one another until the storm passes. As people hunker down in their homes for the next indefinite period of time, look at these ideas for inspiration to bring joy to your loyal customers and provide work for your employees. To stay up to date on our latest recommendations for event professionals during this time, click here for our latest blog posts, check out our Two Chicks, Three Seats podcast, and view the recordings of our weekly Social Hour virtual roundtables.