This Week in Hospitality: July 2020 Week 2


I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Fourth of July holiday! Summer is in full swing now and outdoor dining is at its peak. Luckily, it’s still seen as the safest option for dining out so restaurant patios continue to bustle with business. Here are a few stories from this past week that highlight everything that’s been happening in hospitality. 

1. Nope, we won’t miss that

Photo credit: Annelise Capossela (Grub Street)

An article from Grub Street this week made me LOL, and nod in agreeance at the same time. It’s aptly titled, A Few Things We Won’t Miss in a Post-COVID Restaurant World, and includes greats such as inappropriately roaming toddlers, menus nonchalantly strewn across plates, and bar seat wolves. If we can vanish these among other horrible restaurant trends forever, then at least a tiny (and I mean tiny) bit of good came out of this horrible pandemic.


2. Keeping track of closings

Photo credit: Eater

I apologize in advance for following up on something good with something really bad, but I thought it was a useful resource to have on hand. Eater released an up to date list of which states are reclosing restaurants and bars again across the country. They promise to keep it updated as information changes. You can check out the full list here.


3. Anonymous restaurant check-in

Photo credit: iStock

New technology from a Canadian company called I Checked In allows diners to make reservations online without having their personal information shared with the restaurant. In a reservation and no contact heavy environment, this new software is a great way for restaurants to ensure they’re attracting all diners, even those who are wary of giving out their personal information online. You can read more about I Checked In on Fast Casual.


4. New restaurant trends

Photo credit: Modern Restaurant Management

We already talked about trends that are going away due to COVID-19 so now it’s time to talk about the trends that are emerging because of the virus. According to Modern Restaurant Management, trends like ghost kitchens, and going back to basics are going to be huge in this new climate. Anything and everything that keeps things safe and simple is the new key to


5. Redefining a classic

Photo credit: Philippe Vaures

I landed upon an interesting article from Architectural Digest this week that describes how a historic Parisian restaurant has redefined their spaces in order to survive during COVID-19.  Individual dining areas are now separated by transparent decorative partitions, while overhead suction pipes keep the ambient air constantly moving. In addition, there are individual partitions placed between guests sitting at tables for two so you don’t even have to share germs with those you are dining with. They spent a lot of time figuring out how to keep the air clean and always circulating. Check out the full article for more details.


More resources

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